Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes . . .

Now that it’s November, we can’t even pretend it’s going to be warm anytime soon.  Winter is well on it’s way. Oven Fries

One of the tough things about winter is the lack of fresh and local produce.  Not much grows outside right now.

Luckily, there are some veggies that can be stored for quite some time and still remain tasty.  Potatoes are one of those veggies.  Potatoes are a terrific introduction to vegetables for most kids due to their mild and familiar taste.  Plus, they are a powerhouse of nutrition:

Regular 5.3 oz (with skin) Potato contains about 110 calories, 45% of the daily requirement for Vitamin C, 10% daily requirement for B6, 2 grams of fiber (mostly in the skin) AND more potassium than a banana!  Although only 20% of the nutrients are found in the skin, it’s still best to eat it if possible as that’s where the fiber is located.

A bit of history for you . . . the Inca Indians in Peru first cultivated the potato.  Although there are more than 100 varieties available, here in the US we tend to most frequently consume russet, red, white, yellow, and fingerling potatoes.

Already a potato fan?  Then move on to try sweet potatoes this month.  They are even MORE nutritious:

A medium-sized sweet potato (with skin) contains about 130 calories, 3.9 grams of fiber, 2x the daily requirement for Vitamin A, 42% daily requirement for Vitamin C, and 4X the daily requirement of Beta Carotene.  Plus, the sweet taste and fact that sweet potatoes digest slowly mean you’ll crave fewer sweets and the gradual rise in blood sugar helps you stay full longer.  Sweet! 

One last question – organic or non-organic?  The research I did on this came up with some interesting advice.  Regular potatoes are best eaten organic (as the flesh will absorb the chemicals from the soil and potatoes are heavily sprayed), but sweet potatoes are one of the veggies on the EWG clean list.  apparently, they are not typically sprayed with pesticides, so are a lower risk.

Enjoy those potatoes this winter!

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