I don’t do these often, but I received a complimentary product from SheSpeaks/L’Oréal, so I thought I’d share my thoughts about this new beauty product:LorealBB_11022012141833

Here is how they describe the product:

About L’Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream: This product gives the sheer coverage needed to create a natural bare skin finish, while delivering built-in skincare benefits. With four beautifying actions, this all-in-one innovation primes and smoothes, perfects to hide flaws, hydrates all-day, and corrects and evens skin. The product is infused with skincare ingredients like Panthenol, Vitamin E and Glycerin for 24-hour moisturization.

To apply, simply dot on and blend with fingertips. Self-adjusting beads will instantly transform and blend to your skin tone.

L’Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream retails for $10.95 for 1 fl oz. It is available in four shades and is sold at mass food and drug retailers nationwide.

Here is my experience:

To be fair, I typically don’t wear a face product, and if I do, it’s a tinted sunscreen I got from my dermatologist.  So, it felt weird to be putting anything on my skin.  That being said it did feel very light and I didn’t notice it just a few minutes after it was applied.

So how did it work?  Well, I did think my skin looked a little smoother, and my sun spots were a little less noticeable, but my skin was also a little  yellowish – perhaps because it’s winter and I’m so pale right now?

Would I buy it and use it again?  Probably not.  I didn’t see enough of a difference to warrant the slight yellow tint, and I really prefer to use products with natural ingredients on my skin when possible.  I also like to use SPF on my skin and this product did not have any sun protection added.

I have seen glowing reports from others who tested it.  So perhaps my skin just isn’t the right type for this product.  If you are interested, give it a try and decide for yourself!

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