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We just came back from a wonderful ski trip to Boyne Mountain, Michigan.  The weather could not have been more perfect!  Several days of skiing in the sunshine, tasty tacos and cold drinks sitting at picnic tables at the base of the mountain, live music in dark pubs at night.  Perfection!

Now that we are home, I’m anxiously waiting for the weather to break (lots of cold and rain right now) so that I can begin enjoying one of my favorite healthy passions – walking trails with my pup.

Walking the dog on a rails to trails hiking path


Many areas (not just ours) have started to convert old railway trails to walking paths.  I LOVE this trend.  We have several in our neck of the woods, the most notable being the Monon Trail.  They are typically nicely paved so perfect for walking or biking, often have houses and restaurants along the way, and are a great way to get your exercise in a lovely setting.

Rails to Trails Resources

When we travel, I’ll often search out these types of walking trails as they are usually well maintained and safe.  Perfect for getting out and experiencing an unfamiliar area.  If you would enjoy the same, here are a few places to look:

Rails to Trails – great resource to find trails in your area or wherever you want to travel

Do a Google search using the terms “rails to trails” and your city

If you are in the Indianapolis area, here is one of my favorites:

Indiana Trails

Although I do love hiking (more on that in a future post), when I want a more social experience, a rail to trail is a good bet as they are often used by a wide variety of people and it’s especially fun to stop and get a drink or appetizer along the way when they run alongside urban areas!

Another fun option to finding trails is to pick up a copy of a book such as


Rails to Trails Hall of Fame

Or you could find a local one like the one I found for Illinois, Indiana and Ohio! Just do a search on Amazon for rails to trails guidebooks and a ton will appear. 

What is making you happier and healthier this week? Get your FREE copy of 5 Fun Family Experiences and enjoy some terrific family time!

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  1. I have never heard of rails to trails. These are exactly what I am always looking for with my dog and kids. What a great tip! I just googled it, and there are some fun ones in Utah. Thanks.

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