Reaching your goals … when you get lost along the way

Trying out handlettering - it's FUN!
Trying out handlettering – it’s FUN!

By now, the end of January, much of the world has given up on their New Year’s resolutions.  In fact, if you are curious, HERE are some really interesting facts on how long resolutions last and what resolutions people normally make.

Even if you are one of that percentage who has already missed or given up on your resolution, remind yourself that it is still early in the year and you can still make a big difference in how your year turns out.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is not to beat yourself up.  Don’t feel guilty or tell yourself the stories that “I messed up so I might as well quit.”  That is crazy talk!   There is no “rule” that says if you make one mistake or fall off track you have to quit.  Pick yourself up and start again.

Take a look at your original goals or resolutions and think hard about why you quit.  Were they the wrong goals?  Did you have the wrong intentions behind them?  Or did life just get too busy?  If you still feel great about the original goals, just start again.  However, if they don’t feel good anymore, modify them.  After all, these are YOUR goals and desires.  Make them what feels right for YOU!

Finally, maybe you just need a little help.  Is there someone who can help you with accountability?  Or maybe you need to delegate (or just let go of) some of your other responsibilities.  Think creatively about what needs to happen in your life for you to accomplish what you’d like to accomplish this year.  Then take action on making those changes.

Good luck!  You still have ELEVEN months to accomplish your dreams this year.  Go make the most of them!!!

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