Ready to Meet Your Goals? Session 2

Last week we set our goals for the rest of the year!  Feel good about it?

I do.

But making a goal doesn’t do you much good if you don’t actually work towards achieving it.  How to make that happen?

There are lots of theories out there on goal setting and time management – I love that stuff so I’ve read a ton of it, and I’ve created my own mashed up system that works well for me.  Here it is:

Once I have my list of goals set, I pull out my planner and think about when I’d like to accomplish each of them.  I put a target date next to each goal, and write that in my planner.

Then, I’ll take each goal and break it into small “to do’s.”  Here’s an example:

After that task is done, I simply transfer any specific “to do’s” for THIS week into my daily planner.  Next week I’ll review my list and transfer any new “to do’s.”

It’s a pretty simple process, but it keeps me moving towards my goals in bite sized steps – I don’t get overwhelmed and by accomplishing a little bit each week, the target dates get met!

Any more good tips out there?  I’d love to hear how you meet your goals!

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