BEST Restaurants in Hendricks County Indiana (2024)

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Whether you are exploring Danville or Plainfield on a day trip from Indy, or in town for an event, you’re gonna want to eat – so I’m sharing what I think are the best restaurants in Hendricks County Indiana. I’ve scoured the area to bring you not just good eats, but the best of the best – those hidden gems you want the locals to tell you about.

We head over to Hendricks County often for day trips, soccer games, or on our way home from the airport. Not to mention that our financial planner is located there. Whenever we visit, we always try a new restaurant (it’s a tough job checking all of these out for you!) So, whether you’re craving comfort food, innovative cuisine, or a cozy diner experience, Hendricks County has it all!

A special thanks to Visit Hendricks County who hosted me for some of these meals – some of them were on my own dime – but regardless of who paid, opinions are 100% my own.

Best restaurants in Plainfield Indiana

Nestled in Hendricks County, Plainfield is a culinary hotspot with diverse dining options. From classic American diners to experimental cuisine, there’s something for everyone here.

Outside sign & entry for the Prewitt in Plainfield, Indiana

1. The Prewitt

The Prewitt is exactly what I love in a restaurant. Amazing food, creative and tasty drinks, and an incredible atmosphere. Plus an outside deck AND live music several times a week. It has it all.

This downtown Plainfield restaurant is located in an old theater, and as such takes full advantage of its history with tasteful nods to the early days of the film industry. You’ll find gorgeous black-and-white photos of movie stars and sets, a very old-school Hollywood vibe, and they even run old movies in the downstairs dining room when the stage isn’t being used for live music.

  • Why it’s Great: The food is phenomenal. On my last visit, I enjoyed one of the best dinners I’ve had in quite some time. Imagine steakhouse favorites but with a modern twist. And the menu changes seasonally which is always fun.
  • Important Info: With this type of menu and venue, just a heads up that it is pricey. Cocktails run in the $13+ range and entrees $20+

The Prewitt, 121 W. Main Street, Plainfield, IN

Oasis Burger and fries from the Oasis Diner in Plainfield Indiana

2. Oasis Diner

Oasis Diner is a nostalgic trip with its authentic 1950s diner experience and classic American fare. Personally, I love the kitschy feel and retro touches, and the food is fantastic.

The tenderloin sliders are some of the best I’ve had in Indiana (and I try a lot of them as we travel around the state). It has terrific flavor and is perfectly breaded, plus it has just the right toppings. On our last visit, my son tried the Oasis Burger and ate every bite! Loaded with two patties, pulled pork, bacon, coleslaw, and more, it is quite a mouthful.

  • Why It’s Great: Oasis Diner is a nostalgic trip with its authentic 1950s diner experience and classic American fare.
  • Important Info: Located on Historic National Road, open daily, retro-themed.

Oasis Diner, 405 W. Main St. Plainfield, IN

Inside of Mama Bird Bakery in Plainfield, Indiana

3. Mama Bird Bakery

When looking for a cute local coffee shop to get some work done, we stumbled across Mama Bird Bakery. The atmosphere is sleek and modern yet cozy, so perfect for writing! The drink menu has your standard coffee shop choices – lattes, chai, coffee, etc. We tried the regular drip coffee (a solid choice) and a hot Chai Latte – yummy and a little spicy.

Where Mama Bird’s really shines compared to chain coffee shops (we all know who I’m talking about, right?), are the baked goods. Everything is made fresh, and you can even see the kitchen through the window, and it’s all interesting and a bit unique. We tried the Everything Scone and a Corn Cookie with Buttercream Icing. They also had a variety of hand pies, homemade pop-tarts, and other goodies. Both the items we tried were delicious, not too sweet, and a perfect compliment to our drinks.

  • Why It’s Great: Mama Bird’s Bakery is a fabulous place to meet a friend for coffee and a treat or get some work done.
  • Important Info: Located downtown, open Tuesday – Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm.

Mama Bird Bakery, 234 E. Main St. Plainfield, IN

Best Danville Indiana restaurants

Danville, a charming town in Hendricks County, boasts a vibrant food scene. From cozy cafes to elegant eateries, it’s a food lover’s paradise.

Loaded potatoes from the Mayberry Cafe in Danville Indiana

4. Mayberry Cafe

Remember “The Andy Griffith Show”? With Opie and Barney Fife? Well, you can relieve that show at the Mayberry Cafe in downtown Danville Indiana. The entire restaurant has an Andy Griffith theme (because it was the owner’s favorite show) and near some tables, you can watch old Andy Griffith episodes while you eat!

The dishes are pure comfort food – this is the place to come when you want good old-fashioned delicious meals. Nothing fancy but everything is freshly made and tastes amazing. A few standouts include the meatloaf, tenderloin, and of course, fried biscuits with apple butter. YUM!

  • Why It’s Great: Step into the world of “The Andy Griffith Show” with themed decor and comfort food that feels like home.
  • Important Info: Portions are generous, so come hungry!

Mayberry Cafe, 78 W Main St. Danville, IN

Courthouse Grounds Coffee inside sign

5. Courthouse Grounds Coffee Shop & Bakery

Another one of the great restaurants downtown Danville is Courthouse Grounds Coffee Shop & Bakery. Yes, it’s a coffee shop, but it’s also a fantastic place for a light lunch. Walking inside feels a bit like walking into your grandma’s house (but in a good way!).

With antique furnishings, a cozy atmosphere, plenty of baked goods, and afternoon tea – it’s a lovely place to meet friends or take a break from shopping downtown Danville. My kiddos both love tea, so the afternoon tea is a big draw for them – and it’s not something you find very many places in Indiana.

  • Why It’s Great: Perfect for coffee or tea enthusiasts and casual meetings, with a selection of artisanal coffees, loose-leaf tea, and pastries.
  • Important Info: Near the historic courthouse, open Monday – Saturday, free Wi-Fi.

Courthouse Grounds Coffee Shop & Bakery, 65 S. Washington St. Danville, IN

Pecan waffles from Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery in Danville, IN

6. Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery

Ready for an incredibly delicious breakfast or brunch option? Or maybe a sinfully decadent cake or pie to take home for later? If you are a “heck YES!” to either of these questions, then plan a trip to Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery – to eat or just to shop.

On my last visit, I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast sandwich and fresh fruit that was so beautifully presented I almost hated to eat it (almost!). Although simple, the quality ingredients and freshly baked bread made it one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever enjoyed.

And if you like sweet, the Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery has been highlighted on the Today Show for their specialty cinnamon roll french toast. Yep, it’s as over-the-top as it sounds. I am also a fan of their pies, cakes, and freshly baked bread. Everything is made in-house – Monday the restaurant is closed because it’s baking day, and the employees spend the entire day baking for the upcoming week.

  • Why It’s Great: XYZ Café offers a cozy atmosphere with a menu that caters to foodies who love breakfast.
  • Important Info: Closed Sunday and Monday. Open early morning until mid-afternoon.

Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery, 46 S. Tennessee St. Danville, IN

Other fantastic Hendricks County restaurants

Hendricks County’s dining scene extends beyond its main towns, with hidden gems dotted throughout the area. These are the kind of places you stumble across while driving through the countryside or are located in a nondescript strip mall that your best friend tells you she found and you just MUST go check it out!

Owner of Rusted Silo in Lizton Indiana holding a platter of meat

7. Rusted SiloLizton

If you love good BBQ, then Rusted Silo is worth the trip. Located in an old liquor store in Lizton, Indiana, this place is legit. The owner has a true passion for BBQ and food in general (he was even an executive chef at one of my favorite amusement parks), and the Rusted Silo has become a local favorite (and definitely a hidden gem in Hendricks County).

You’ll be accosted by the mouth-watering smells when you enter, and then you’ll see the “Wheel of Meat”. I’ve never seen anything like it – it was worth the visit alone. Of course, the BBQ is outstanding, but so are the sides and desserts. I couldn’t decide what I liked the most, but I will highly recommend the Mexican Street Corn if you happen to be there in sweet corn season. And leave room for some ‘Nana Pudding. Add a cup of strong coffee and I’m in heaven.

  • Why It’s Great: Rusted Silo is famous for its smoked BBQ and rustic charm. It’s 100% a destination restaurant worth checking out.
  • Important Info: The restaurant is small with limited seating, so consider sitting outside if the weather is nice or ordering food to go.

Rusted Silo, 411 N. State St. Lizton, IN

Vietnamese Coffee at Pho36 in Avon Indiana

8. Pho 36Avon

We sorely miss our nearby Pho restaurant – it was a 2020 casualty, but I have to say that Pho 36 is a pretty good substitute – I just wish it was closer! My daughter and I have stopped here after swim meets before and really enjoyed filling up on a tasty bowl of vegetarian Pho.

It’s in a strip center, but don’t let that stop you from visiting if you enjoy good Vietnamese food. The Pho broth had excellent flavor and the toppings were flavorful. We also enjoyed a shrimp roll which was quite large with fresh shrimp and plenty of veggies. Finally, we were able to indulge in one of our favorite treats – Vietnamese Coffee made the traditional way. We haven’t been able to find that nearby so we were thrilled!

  • Why It’s Great: Authentic Vietnamese cuisine, is known for its flavorful pho and friendly service.
  • Important Info: Central Avon location, open daily, vegetarian options.

Pho 36, 9655 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN

Sample platter from Opa in Avon, Indiana. Hummus, pita, dip and olives

9. Opa! – Avon

Good Greek food is always a favorite in our household and so of course we had to give Opa! a try. The restaurant is quite large and was pretty crowded for a random Tuesday at lunchtime. I loved the outdoor patio (even though it’s in a strip center), but sadly it was too cold to enjoy it during our visit.

We did, however, enjoy the food very much! Instead of individual meals, we did what we often do at Greek restaurants and ordered the sampler platter (hummus, tzatziki, feta, olives, etc.), a large Greek salad, and another appetizer (in this case mini Spinach pies). Everything tasted great – portions were HUGE, and the service was terrific. Great choice if you love good Greek food.

  • Why It’s Great: Large menu full of Greek favorites.
  • Important Info: Don’t let the strip center location turn you off – this place is yummy!

Opa! 7900 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN

As a bonus, I haven’t tried this one, but if you love Thai food, my friend Tanya enjoys Thai Basil in Brownsburg – check out her thoughts here.

Map of restaurants in Hendricks County Indiana

Where to stay in Hendricks County

If you are looking for a fun little getaway near Indy (and want to enjoy several of these amazing restaurants), I’d highly recommend staying at the Courtyard in Plainfield. The hotel has an amazing location within walking distance of The Shops at Perry Crossing.

👉 Book your stay at the Courtyard today for a FUN stay in Hendricks County!

FAQs: best Hendricks County restaurants

What are the most family-friendly restaurants in Hendricks County?

Mayberry Cafe and The Oasis Diner are both excellent choices for a family-friendly restaurant.

Can I find vegetarian and vegan options in Hendricks County restaurants?

You shouldn’t have trouble. Most restaurants have plenty of vegetarian (and a few vegan) options.

Are there any fine dining options in Hendricks County?

The Prewitt is an excellent fine dining option.

Outside of the Oasis Diner in Plainfield IN

Conclusion: best restaurants in Hendricks County

As someone who’s explored just about every corner of Indiana, I can confidently say that Hendricks County’s dining scene is a hidden treasure. It’s not just about the food, though that’s certainly a highlight. It’s about the experiences these places offer – each restaurant here tells a story and reflects a piece of Hendricks County’s heart and soul.

Take The Prewitt, for instance. Dining here feels like a warm embrace from the community thanks to their fresh, seasonal menu and comfortable yet bougie atmosphere. Then there’s Rusted Silo in Lizton – a place where the smoky aroma of BBQ beckons you from miles away. It’s where families gather, friends meet, and stories are shared over mouth-watering ribs and brisket.

As a Hoosier who loves exploring the Midwest, I find myself constantly drawn back to Hendricks County. Not just for the food, but for the sense of community and the stories behind each meal. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot, a local brewery, a cozy cafe, or an upscale dining experience, you’ll find it here.


A guide to the best restaurants in Hendricks County Indiana. From local bakeries to upscale dining, Hendricks County has it all!
A guide to the best restaurants in Hendricks County Indiana. From local bakeries to upscale dining, Hendricks County has it all!