Restaurants in Shipshewana IN (2024)

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Ready for the BEST restaurants in Shipshewana IN? Whether you are spending a girls’ trip or a fun family weekend, checking out the Christmas events, or just attending a concert at the Performing Arts Center, you are going to want to eat during your visit to Shipshe.

Luckily, Shipshewana has some amazing choices, from gourmet sandwiches and indulgent cupcakes to an in-home Amish dining experience you’ll find plenty of delicious options. And the pie … it seems like every time I visit Shipshewana I get to enjoy pie multiple times – and it’s always some of the best pie I’ve ever had!

💥 A special thanks to the Shipshewana & LaGrange Convention & Visitors Bureau for sponsoring a recent weekend visit to Shipshewana. All of the opinions in this post are 100% my own.

Best Restaurants in Shipshewana for Breakfast

If you are spending the night in there is a fair chance that your hotel offers a free breakfast, but if that’s not the case (or you just prefer to go out for breakfast), here are my top breakfast options in Shipshewana.

Outside of building that houses Five Lakes Coffee in Shipshewana

1. Five Lakes Coffee

Even when I enjoy breakfast at the hotel, I still often like to stop and get an Americano in the morning. Although hotel coffee can be okay, it’s rarely as strong as I like. In Shipshewana, the place to do this is Five Lakes Coffee.

Five Lakes Coffee is a small family-owned chain, and this location is their first franchised location in Indiana. They are originally from Michigan and have several stores (plus roast their coffee) there. One of the big pluses is that they have a drive-thru! So, you can grab your drink and get on with your day.

Five Lakes Coffee, 0920 N. State Road 5, Shipshewana, IN

Enjoying some "Amish Crack" from Rise'n Roll Bakery in Middlebury Indiana

2. Rise’n Roll Bakery

Okay, technically Rise’n Roll Bakery is in Middlebury, so it’s one of the best restaurants near Shipshewana, but I have to include it on the list as it’s quite close and just that good. Rise’n Roll is actually now a small chain (I even have a location near me in Fishers, Indiana), but this is the original location so it’s much larger than the others.

Rise’n Roll is well known for their donuts and other baked goods, but probably the best thing they have to offer is often referred to as “Amish crack” – and after trying it for myself I can totally see why. These little bites of heaven are Cinnamon Carmel Donuts that you can purchase as full donuts or by the box as donut bites.

Everything is baked fresh daily and without preservatives, so it’s as “healthy” as a donut can be. I like to buy a box of donut bites and enjoy them with a strong cup of coffee (maybe an Americano from Five Lakes Coffee?) – it’s a delicious way to start your day.

Rise’n Roll Bakery, 1065 N. 1150 W. Middlebury, IN

Best Buffet in Shipshewana

Some of the best food in Shipshewana happens to be buffet-style. And for me to say that is saying a lot about this buffet because typically I avoid them like the plague (except for maybe a Vegas breakfast buffet). However, in Shipshewana, a lunch or dinner buffet is a strong contender for a delicious meal.

Outside sign on the Blue Gate Restaurant for the restaurant and music hall.

3. Blue Gate Restaurant

Located right downtown, the Blue Gate Restaurant is a top choice for many Shipshewana visitors. Not only do they have a wonderful buffet but you can also order off the menu if you prefer.

If you want to try a lot of different dishes though, then the buffet is the way to go. The food is 100% comfort food like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, noodles, and on and on. And whether you choose the buffet or the menu you must save room for pie. The Blue Gate Restaurant is known for its pie – it is delicious!

I love good fried chicken and I’ve enjoyed the fried chicken from the Blue Gate Restaurant both on the buffet as well as served family-style and both have been some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had!

Blue Gate Restaurant, 195 N. Van Buren St. Shipshewana, IN

Unique Places to Eat in Shipshewana Indiana

Located in the heart of the Indiana Amish settlements, Shipshewana is a unique and special destination for the state, so it only makes sense that there are unique dining experiences in the area.

Pumpkin and Black Raspberry Pie and fresh coffee at Yoder's Homestyle Cooking in Shipshewana, IN

4. Yoder’s Homestyle Cooking

If enjoying an Amish meal is on your bucket list (and if it’s not, you should add it), then Yoder’s Homestyle Cooking is my top recommendation. Yoder’s isn’t a restaurant (there really aren’t Amish restaurants in Shipshewana) but a way to experience an Amish meal served in an Amish home.

The owners have a kitchen and all-purpose room overlooking a lovely lake where they regularly serve family-style meals to larger groups. Caroline will even do cooking classes at times. Unlike a regular restaurant, you must call ahead (please don’t just show up) and when there is a tour group coming in, if they have the room they will add you to the list and you can join them for the meal.

So if you are heading to Shipshewana, one of the first calls I’d make would be to the Yoder’s to see if and when there are any meals available during your visit and then plan the rest of your trip around it – the experience is well worth it.

I’ve had the pleasure of dining there twice, once for breakfast and once for lunch and the bread and pie alone were worth the drive! So, definitely plan a visit to Yoder’s – it will be a memorable experience and probably a highlight of your Shipshewana visit.

Yoder’s Homestyle Cooking (260) 768-3078

variety of cupcakes from Shawna Rae's Cafe & Bakery in Shipshewana, IN

5. Shawna Rae’s Cafe & Bakery

Ready for another Shipshewana treat? During your time shopping in downtown Shipshewana, take a break and stop at Shawna Rae’s Cafe & Bakery. Shawna Rae began her business catering pharmaceutical events and eventually expanded into a cafe and bakery.

Each day the food is a little bit different, but you can expect delicious (and a little bit unique) sandwiches and salads, and plenty of mouthwatering cupcakes and mini-cheesecakes. I was so impressed with the cupcakes I brought home a four-pack on my last visit to share with my kid (and he devoured them!).

Shawna Rae also has a food truck, so if there is an event in town, keep your eyes open for it, plus she is in the midst of building a brand-new restaurant behind the bakery. It will serve food made from scratch with farm-fresh ingredients, as local as she can find. Personally, I can’t wait as based on the rest of her endeavors I’m sure it will be amazing!

Shawna Rae’s Cafe & Bakery, 131 Harrison St. Shipshewana, IN

Ham & Cheese Pretzel from Ben's Pretzels in Shipshewana Indiana

6. Ben’s Soft Pretzels

Another unique and delicious restaurant in Shipshewana is Ben’s Soft Pretzels. Yes, they have amazing soft pretzels with plenty of dip options, but they ALSO have affordable and tasty pretzel sandwiches such as the ham and cheese in the picture above. On a recent visit, I also tried the pizza pretzel (amazing) as well as the Hawaiian. You can even get a pretzel dog.

Ben’s Soft Pretzels has been rapidly expanding throughout the Midwest (franchises) but Shipshewana is the original. I know I’ve recently seen one in the Indy airport and now that I know how delicious they are, I know where I’ll be stopping on my way out of town!

Sometimes they do pretzel classes where you get to make your own pretzel and learn about the history of soft pretzels and Ben’s Pretzels. I was lucky enough to participate in one and it was a lot of fun (and yummy!). Did you know that soft pretzels came before hard pretzels? If not, you do now!

🥨 Pam’s insider tip: the pretzel sandwiches are HUGE. A friend and I split two so we could try several varieties and between the two of us still only ate a total of one (although the leftovers were a wonderful late-night snack).

Ben’s Soft Pretzels, 100 Berkshire Dr. Shipshewana, IN

soft pretzel from JoJo's Pretzels in Shipshewana Indiana

7. Jo Jo’s Pretzels

Even if you love Ben’s Soft Pretzels you should still give Jo Jo’s Pretzels a try – at least for a taste comparison right? Honestly, although they are different, I do love both. To me, Jo Jo’s are a little less doughy, and if I’m enjoying a pretzel there, I’m going to go for just a plain old pretzel – no cheese even needed – as the pretzels have tons of flavors.

Jo Jo’s Pretzels is located in the Davis Mercantile in downtown Shipshewana so it’s the perfect location for an afternoon shopping break. However, if it’s a busy day the line can be VERY long, so bring your patience. I was there for the Shipshewana Light Parade and the pretzel line was out the door! Is it worth it? Well, it was a pretty darn good pretzel!

JoJo’s Pretzels, 205 N Harrison St. Shipshewana, IN

Restaurants in Shipshewana Open on Sunday

Unlike most places these days (except for Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A), the majority of Shipshewana is closed on Sundays. In the area, it’s considered a day to rest and to spend at home with family. Great if you live there, challenging if you are visiting. So if you do happen to be in town on a Sunday and need a place to eat, where can you go?

8. East of Chicago Pizza

On my last visit I asked several locals for restaurants in Shipshewana that were open on Sunday and more than one suggested East of Chicago Pizza. It’s a casual place, perfect for ordering pizza to go – or even delivery.

Pizzas (go for the deep dish), salads, breadsticks, and the like will keep you full and happy on a Sunday when your options are limited. This is the place I’d go if I arrived in town on Sunday or wanted to just spend some quality family time playing games and hanging out at our hotel.

East of Chicago Pizza, South Van Buren St. Shipshewana, IN

Outside of Vanilla Bean Creamery in Shipshewana Indiana

9. Vanilla Bean Creamery

Vanilla Bean Creamery is a small ice cream chain (three locations in the area) that makes fresh, hand-crafted ice cream in small batches using only real ingredients. They also make their waffle cones daily. And, they are open on Sunday afternoons, so that would be an ideal time to head over and enjoy an afternoon treat.

Ice cream is exactly what I’m craving if I’m visiting Shipshewana in the summer and spending the day doing all the outdoor things (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.), so I’m thrilled to know there is a delicious option available.

Vanilla Bean Creamery, 100 S Van Buren St. Shipshewana, IN

Food Shipshewana is Known For

Indiana may be well known for breaded tenderloin and sugar cream pie, but Shipshewana Indiana is known for their pies in general (along with sugar cream of course). You’ll also find some of the best home-style cooking around. Imagine bowls full of mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, and green beans. You can even pick up a bag of Amish noodles yourself to prepare at home and enjoy later.

Fried chicken is another popular dish in Shipshewana – you’ll find it on most restaurant menus. Finally, the other item you’ll find in many of the Shipshewana gift shops (and on many menus) is peanut butter spread. Yes, there are delicious homemade jams to be made but also give the peanut butter spread a try – yum!

Map of Shipshewana Indiana Restaurants

Where to Stay in Shipshewana

Although there are quite a few hotel options in nearby Elkhart Indiana, if you want to stay near the Shipshewana action, I’d recommend one of two hotels (and either one would be lovely).

My Top Hotel Picks: Shipshewana, Indiana


Farmstead Inn & Conference Center in Shipshewana Indiana

Farmstead Inn
✔️ Great location
✔️ Comfy rooms
✔️ Fun amenities (pool, hot tub, ping pong, etc)


Blue Gate Garden Inn in Shipshewana Indiana sign

Blue Gate Garden Inn
✔️ Great location
✔️ Free Breakfast
✔️ Comfy rooms

Plate of fried chicken

FAQs: Shipshewana Restaurants

What are the most popular restaurants in Shipshewana?

Blue Gate Restaurant & Bakery is often mentioned as the most popular restaurant in Shipshewana IN.

What are the best restaurants in Shipshewana that provide takeout?

JoJo’s Pretzels, Bens Soft Pretzels, and East of Chicago Pizza all offer takeout.

Is anything open on Shipshewana on Sunday?

Very little is open in Shipshewana on Sunday. East of Chicago Pizza and the Vanilla Bean Creamery are two options.

Is Shipshewana alcohol-free?

Shipshewana is a dry town, so you can’t buy alcohol and you won’t find it on restaurant menus. It can be served for catered events.

Conclusion: BEST Restaurants in Shipshewana IN

Shipshewana, Indiana, isn’t just a charming Midwest destination with interesting attractions; it’s a paradise for food lovers. My recent exploration of Shipshewana’s dining scene was a delightful journey through comforting flavors and unique dining experiences. From the mouthwatering donuts of Rise’n Roll Bakery to the comforting spread at Blue Gate Restaurant, each eatery in Shipshewana brings its own story and taste.

Part of what sets Shipshewana apart are its unique dining experiences. Yoder’s Homestyle Cooking provides an authentic Amish dining experience that’s both heartwarming and delicious. Shawna Rae’s Cafe & Bakery and Ben’s Soft Pretzels showcase creative and scrumptious treats that are perfect for a family adventure. Each bite tells a story of Shipshewana’s rich culinary culture.

As a family travel blogger, I always look for places that offer more than just good food—they must have friendly service and create memories. Shipshewana’s restaurants do just that. They’re not just eateries; they’re experiences that families will cherish. Whether it’s learning about the history of soft pretzels or sharing a box of donut bites, these moments are what make a trip to Shipshewana special.

So, if you’re planning a Midwest adventure in Amish country, make sure to include Shipshewana on your itinerary. The town’s culinary scene is a delightful mix of traditional flavors and heartwarming hospitality, perfect for creating cherished family memories. And remember, in Shipshewana, always save room for pie!


Heading to Shipshewana Indiana? Read on to discover the BEST places to eat.
Heading to Shipshewana Indiana? Read on to discover the BEST places to eat.