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Review of SinuOrega and OregaSpray

So I was lucky enough to receive a sample of two new natural products:  SinuOrega and OregaSpray. spring flowers

SinuOrega is a “natural nasal wash powered by potent spice extracts.”  It’s supposed to be a more natural nasal spray.  Well, I can attest that it IS potent.  It has a nice, spicy smell, but when used as directed, does burn a little.  However, it did a nice job of clearing out my sinuses, so if I was suffering from sinus pressure or pain, I would definitely prefer it over a more “medicated” type nasal spray.

Ingredients: springwater, wild oil of oregano, sea salt, clove bud oil, oil of sage and oil of bay leaf

OregaSpray is another nice blend of spice oils with all kinds of uses.  Some of the ones listed on the bottle include:

  • vegetable wash
  • air cleaner
  • hand cleaner
  • toothbrush cleaner
  • body or foot deodorant
  • and many others!

I thought this spray had a “spicier” smell – much more like oregano.  I decided to test it on my kid’s smelly soccer cleats.  While still damp, I spritzed a few times into each shoe.  The strong spice smell did a nice job of masking the icky foot smell – and seemed to last – it didn’t just cover up the smell for a few hours.  I will definitely be keeping this bottle in the laundry room to manage this job for me!

Ingredients: filtered water, emulsified oil of wild oregano P73, oil of wild bay leaf, oil of wild lavender and oil of clove.

As I mentioned, I was allowed to sample these products, so I’m just sharing my honest opinion based upon my experience.  If you have tried them yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts (and what you decided to use the OregaSpray for).

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