What a fun start to the weekend in Warsaw, Indiana

Salt Caves and MudLove in Warsaw, Indiana

We discovered so many fun things to do in Warsaw, Indiana!

Our Saturday started off bright and early with a tasty breakfast at The American Table – it was less than a mile from our hotel and very busy.  The breakfasts tended to lean towards huge platters of eggs, meats, and potatoes – they looked delicious, but a little heavy for our tastes.  Luckily, the menu is so large, my son and I found the perfect start to our day too.

Ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Warsaw, IN? American Table
Breakfast at American Table in Warsaw, IN

After breakfast, our plan was to head downtown to check out the Cave on the Square.  Once we parked, we stumbled across the local farmer’s market.  Since I love a good farmer’s market, we took a little detour to pick up some fresh yellow tomatoes and cucumbers.  Yum!

Cute little farmer's market in Warsaw, IN. Saturday mornings.
Warsaw, IN Farmer’s Market

When we entered the Cave on the Square, we immediately noticed the delicious smell of freshly roasted coffee.  In addition to offering a Himalayan Salt Cave, the store had a full-service coffee bar.  We grabbed a couple of drinks (coffee for me and a maple steamer for my little guy) and headed into the salt cave.  For only $5 each, we were able to enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the cave for an hour.  The salt cave was carefully created to simulate an actual salt cave or mine.  There are salt rocks all over the walls, the floor is covered in loose salt (which made our feet very soft), comfortable chairs and small tables all around and the cave is lit with soft glowing lights.  Soothing music was playing and the air temperature was perfect.

Check out the amazing Cave on the Square in Warsaw, Indiana.
Cave on the Square in Warsaw, IN

We also discovered a foot lamp which was very enjoyable.  It was warm and smooth and melted away tension in our feet.

Himalayan salt foot stone at Cave on the Square in Warsaw, IN

I really thought I’d be lucky to spend fifteen minutes in here with an 11-year old, but to my surprise, we lasted almost the full hour.  It was fun, relaxing and we had some great conversations while we sipped our drinks.  The benefits of a salt cave are many including relaxation and potential detox.  Both of us really enjoyed it and I would go again in a heartbeat!

After feeling so relaxed it was off to the soccer game.  Once the match was over, we went back downtown to check out a store I had been quite anxious to visit, MudLove.

Visit MudLove in Warsaw, Indiana to buy bracelets, mugs, etc.

MudLove is a company that produces a variety of pottery products, jewelry, etc.  They all have a word on them that has meaning to whoever owns it – you can select from what they already have, or customize something for yourself.  The cool thing about MudLove is that for every product sold, a week of clean water is provided to someone in need.  Since it was a Saturday, nothing was in production, but through the week you can see the products being made.  We learned that right now, they make about 1000 bracelets per day.  Amazing! Prices are very reasonable and I am especially fond of the bracelets!  The store had a bin FULL of bracelets to choose from and we found a few that resonated with us and others that would make great gifts.  Although you can order online, it was really cool to check out the physical location.

Inspirational bracelets, mugs and more at MudLove in Warsaw, Indiana.

It was time to grab lunch, so we stopped at  Chicago DogHouse – thanks to it’s highly rated reviews on Yelp.  It was bare bones, but with a nice variety and very tasty food. They even had a black bean burger – yeah!  We cooled off with frosty bottles of XXX Rootbeer – my favorite.  Take note that they are closed on Sunday.

Have a yummy lunch at Chicago DogHouse in Warsaw, Indiana

We headed over to the Warsaw Cut Glass to check it out as I had read that it was a Warsaw classic. This company has been in business since 1911.  Warsaw Cut Glass is housed in a gorgeous old brick building, with a showroom in the front and workshop in the back.  They import the glass pieces from all over, but then do all the etching themselves.  The glass pieces were beautiful with delicate detail and classic lines.  I didn’t pick up anything today but have been thinking about the stemless wine glasses, so maybe next time…

Amazing cut glass available at Warsaw Cut Glass Company in Warsaw, Indiana

There was just enough time left before we had to head home for one more stop, so we went back over to the Village of Winona to top off the day with ice cream!  Kelainey’s is a combination coffee bar, ice cream parlor, and a sandwich shop.  With tons of screened in porch seating, it was a perfect end to a fun little getaway in Warsaw.

Visit Kilainey's in the Village at Winona for delicious ice cream treats.

On the drive home, both my son and I agreed we would be more than happy to visit this area again – and try to squeeze in at least one lake day! It’s not often I get to spend so much one-on-one time with one of my kids, but it’s a great way to strengthen our relationship, and we had the bonus of a really fun time exploring a new place.

Missed our first day in Warsaw, IN? Check it out: Starting the Weekend off Right

The American Table; 3575 Lake City Highway; (574) 267-8171

The Cave on the Square; 108 N. Buffalo Street; 574-268-1616

Chicago DogHouse; 1527 N. Detroit Street; (574) 267-5757; https://www.mychicagodoghouse.com/

MudLove; 122 S. Buffalo Street; 844-MUDLOVE; https://www.mudlove.com/

Warsaw Cut Glass; 505 S. Detroit Street; 574.267.6581; http://warsawcutglass.net/

Kelainey’s Coffee & Cream; 904 Park Ave., Winona Lake, IN; 574-267-2860; http://www.kelaineys.com/

Thanks to the Kosciuko CVB and The Village of Winona for sponsoring parts of our trip.  The opinions expressed are all my own.

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  1. I had not heard of Warsaw, IN. I am always road-tripping with the kids, so will remember a Warsaw pit-stop next time. I like your pictures and also how you linked to the local businesses in your article. Sounds like a fun day!

    1. I tried to buy one, but the store was sold out – one of the owners told me they are very hard to keep in stock. I looked on Amazon but the reviews were iffy, so … still looking!

    1. Melissa, yep, we get overlooked sometimes – being in the middle of nowhere and all, but there is a surprising amount of things to do! 🙂

  2. Pam
    Great article and I love the Mud Love products. Glad you and your son got to spend some one on one time also – your correct that you were lucky you got an hour out of an 11 year old – but he must have been enjoying his time!

  3. I would love to visit a salt cave! Anything to promote relaxations works for me. Sounds like a great time was had in Warsaw.

  4. This looks so cool Pam! I have family in Indiana and I plan to add this to my “must do” list the next time I go visit! Thanks!

  5. I have never been to Indiana but it looks like a lot of fun. We love going to farmers markets in different states. I would love to visit Mudlove because I’m fascinated with seeing how things are made.

  6. This looks like a lot of fun! I love farmer’s markets, and this looks like a great one. Will have to give some of these sites a whirl when I make it to Indiana. Thanks!

  7. Oh, I LOVE it! I am big on parent/child trips. Everything looks so fun! I am inspired to find a few local places we’ve never explored. Thanks so much!

    1. Tiffany, good – inspiration is what I’m after – not everyone will make it to Warsaw, but I bet you can find fun things near where you are too.

  8. I visited Indiana when I was a kid…. Such a beautiful place and so many unique things to do! Hope to go back someday!

  9. I’m from the Midwest and went to school in Indiana and I had no idea this was in Warsaw! Wow, I’d love to see this stuff.

  10. I’ve never heard of salt caves. That sounds like such a unique adventure. The pottery is right up my alley too. I love giving back so knowing I can help someone have clean water for a week gives me a warm fuzzy feeling

    1. The salt cave was pretty cool. I love MudLove too – not only are their products lovely, you get to help others at the same time. 🙂

  11. My tired feet could use that foot lamp right about now! It looks like you had a great trip with a variety of enjoyable experiences. I love doing that with my family!

  12. I have visited a salt cave I am a writer and photographer in eastern Virginia and we have a fantastic salt spa in Williamsburg. I relaxed in the salt cave for 45 minutes alone (which was heaven itself) and did the salt float where are you float in salt water inside of a whirl pool with a lid which you can leave open or not. It was an amazing experience! The couple who owns this arm from Poland and that is where the original salt caves began with an underground salt cave that is thousands of acres. One thing I did discover is that there are huge discrepancies in the quality of salt spas around the country. I highly recommend a visit to anyone! Thanks for the post

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