Saving on Organics? You Bet!

Kale from the garden!

Think you can’t afford to buy organic food?  I think you are WRONG!  It can be affordable – here are five quick tips:

1.  Shop the sales.  When you plan your weekly menu or shop at the store, if organic carrots are on sale, buy those and not the celery.  It’s smart to eat a variety of fruits and veggies anyway, so by only buying what’s on sale you’ll automatically add variety to your diet.

2.  Make appropriate trade-offs.  If you can’t afford to buy EVERYTHING organic, stick to the “dirty dozen” – the fruits and vegetables that are most heavily sprayed.  This list changes sometimes, so check out this link to find the current list.  Another option is to purchase organic the items you eat the most.  If your kids eat an apple everyday, but oranges once a week, buy organic apples!

3.  Use coupons.  Yep, there are a few out there.   If there are companies you really like, check their website for coupons (or even shoot them an e-mail to see if they offer any).   Check out store coupons too – most major grocery chains have occasional coupons via e-mail, smart phone or direct mail.  There are also a few blogs out there that send out a weekly list of available organic coupons – Money Saving Mom is one such site – she puts a post out every Friday with links.

4.  Check out Recyclebank.  This fun site allows you to earn points by doing various tasks (like making pledges, recycling, etc.).  You can save up your points and exchange them for coupons (or other items).

5.  Grow your own.  Even if you don’t have room for a garden, I’m sure you can grow some fresh herbs in your kitchen!  Give it a shot.

See, there ARE ways to eliminate some of the pesticides your family is consuming without spending a fortune!

Be Healthy.  Be Happy.

Check out this free e-book for more tips and strategies for streamlining your weekdays – it’s geared towards families with kids in school, but would be useful for ANYONE interested in saving time and stress each week!

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