It’s Fall!  Here’s a quick re-cap of my goals for September:Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail


  • Write and submit one guest post – failed! just didn’t do it this month – I need to get back into the habit!!!
  • Finish Jump Start Module for January program – want to learn how to help your whole family eat better?  Stay tuned!!! – done and super excited about it!
  • Four fun new recipes!doneMexican Feast, Quick and Easy Greek Inspired Meal, Make your own Pickles and Sun-dried Tomato and Chive Dip
  • Update coaching programs – Wow another fail – what did I DO all month????  Seems like I was busy!!!


  • Exercise 5-6x a weekdone, back on track and feeling great about this one!
  • Read 4 booksdone, some good books this month and some okay books this month – The Good Daughter; Her Sister; The Engagements; (enjoyed this one the most), Pain, Parties, Work; The Secret Keeper (enjoyed the plot but found my attention wandering at times).  Check them out in my Amazon Store HERE or at your local library.
  • Date Night 1-2x this monthdone, but barely squeezed it in!
  • One-on-one time with kidsdone, a fun shopping trip with my son, and a walk and talk with my daughter
  • Share my experiences with Peppermint Oil – the oil for the month of September and one of my all time favorites!!!  Can’t wait to learn more ways to use it! Love this oil, look for a post next week!

How did you do on your goals?  Accomplish anything big?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!  Any good book suggestions for me for October?

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