Small Changes = Big Results: Final Re-cap

How did you do?  

What small changes have you made in the last few weeks?  


If you made at least one small change for each part of the day, I’d be willing to bet you are feeling healthier and happier than when you started!

Ready for my re-cap?  As promised, I followed along with you and made a small change each week.  Here are MY results:

Morning – I began by stretching everyday – and I’ve been able to keep it up over the whole series.  I think I’ve only missed a day or so, and when I do, I notice – my back aches a little more and I just feel “tighter.”  I’m definitely waking up most days less stiff and sore!  So, this is one practice I’ll continue!

Lunchtime – My lunchtime goal was to TAKE A BREAK!  This was definitely my favorite change for the series.  I can’t believe what a difference it makes in my attitude each day.  Most days I just make the effort to leave my desk for lunch and go sit on the screened in porch to eat and maybe read a chapter or two of a book, but the break clears my head, gives me something fun to look forward to and just overall improves my move.  Simple change with big result indeed!

Afternoon – So I have to admit I haven’t done so well with drinking the water (for some reason I forget this one), but I HAVE consistently completed a small task or chore each day at 3:00.  This small practice has provided a nice break in the day and I feel great accomplishing something – some things I’ve done:  put away a load of laundry, vaccummed the family room, started something for dinner, dust a room or two, etc.  Just simple things that need done to maintain a household but that I typically don’t want to do by the time the day is over (and definitely don’t want to do on the weekend).  This change is a keeper!

Dinnertime – This one has been hit or miss.  I definitely enjoy this time of the day more when I take a few minutes to hit play on my ipod and pour myself a glass of wine, but sometimes I’m still running from work to fix dinner in time to get the kids to soccer, baseball, swim, etc.  I think this will be easier this summer when our evenings are less crazy.  We shall see.

Evening – Along with the lunchtime small change, this is the one that has the biggest effect on my attitude and how terrific I feel – however, I don’t get the benefits until the next day.  I’ve definitely improved in going to bed by 10:30, but I don’t do it every night.  And no doubt about it, I feel it the next morning when the alarm goes off.  However, the payoff is so beneficial that I’ll keep working on it!

I’d love to see your changes in the comments or on my Facebook page – so please, share!  We’ll all benefit by encouraging each other.

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