Excited to start this series?  Me too!  I plan on implementing a few new changes myself as we go along, so I’ll be sure to report on my findings and I’d love for you to do so also either in the comments or on my Facebook page.  We can keep each other accountable!

Hopefully you’re enjoying some consistency from last week’s small change – mine was stretching and I’ve been faithfully doing it each


Lunchtime can be healthy, quick AND tasty!

morning.  I’m still waking up stiff, but I feel GREAT after a few minutes of stretching!

If you’ve gotten through a productive morning (or just any morning), the next natural break point in your day is lunch.  How you handle lunchtime will have a significant impact on the rest of your day.  This week we’ll tackle a few small changes you can make in your lunch hour to improve your mood, health and daily happiness.

Small changes suggestions for lunchtime:

1. Eat Something.  Don’t skip lunch.  If you do, you are setting yourself up for a serious dip in energy by mid-afternoon and a strong propensity to overeat at dinner.  Not good.  Try to enjoy some protein, vegetables and a fruit for lunch every day – along with plenty of water.  I’ll often save leftovers from dinner the previous night for lunch – it’s simple, healthy and delicious.

2.  Take a break.  This one is REALLY hard for many of us.  We often have so much to do each day that it feels like we can’t even think about taking a break from work.  If we eat, we eat in front of our computers, shoveling food down without tasting or enjoying it.  But taking a break in the middle of the day will increase your energy, focus and happiness.  Why should you wait until after work to enjoy your life?  Add a little bit of fun into your day and your overall happiness levels will automatically increase.  Maybe you can’t imagine taking a whole hour for lunch, so start with fifteen minutes.  Sit down and enjoy your lunch, and then spend a few minutes reading a book, taking a walk or chatting with friends.  Something non-work related!  See how much better your mood is after a few days of doing this.  Want to really enjoy your afternoon?  Head out for lunch – even one day a week – a picnic in the park, a nice lunch at a fun new restaurant, or even window browsing at the local mall.

3.  Move.  Especially if you sit all day long – get up and move.  You don’t have to go to the gym and do a full workout, but a ten to twenty-minute walk (preferably in the sunshine and fresh air) will energize you like nothing else.  Can’t get outside?  How about a two-minute dance party at your desk!  Or try stretching for five minutes – your shoulders will thank you.

What small change will you make this week?  Share in the comments to keep yourself accountable – and cheer each other on!  This week along with continuing my morning stretching, I’m going to make an extra effort to take a break.  I have a bad tendency to just keep working and not ENJOY my day.  So, this week I’ll take at least fifteen minutes each day to stop working and engage in something enjoyable!

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