Snow Tubing in Indiana: Embrace the Winter Thrills

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Looking for a fun winter activity? Give snow tubing a try! It’s one of my favorite winter activities, and unlike skiing, there is nothing to learn – you just hop on the tube and go! There are several places to go snow tubing in Indiana (or near Indiana), so if you live in the state you’re sure to find one within driving distance.

Snow tubing is a wonderful cure for cabin fever. When you start to feel like winter will never end, it’s time to embrace it, not continue to wish it away. Hence, snow tubing. It’s a perfect winter day trip!

Where can you snow tube in Indiana?

Even though Indiana gets a decent amount of snow every winter, there aren’t a lot of hills – aside from Southern Indiana, it’s a fairly flat state. That means that there aren’t a ton of locations ideal for snow tubing in Indiana.

snow tubing in Indiana

Where can I go snow tubing in Northern Indiana?

There actually aren’t any true snow-tubing hills in Northern Indiana, but there is one in Southern Michigan, so if you want to snow-tube in Northern Indiana that would be your best bet.

Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge is located in Gobles, Michigan, and isn’t too far from Northern Indiana. So although it’s technically snow tubing in Southern Michigan, it’s pretty close to Kalamazoo, which would make for a fun overnight or day trip.

Timber Ridge tubing has 9 snow tube runs, and most importantly a magic carpet to take you and your tube back to the top!

Tubing is first come – first served, so definitely call ahead before you make the drive! Check out their website for rates, times, and more details.

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Timber Ridge, 07500 23 1/2 St. Gobles, Michigan

Pokagon State Park Toboggan

Although it’s not snow tubing, another really fun and similar winter activity in Northern Indiana is the toboggan run at Pokagon State Park.

tobogganing at Pokagon State Park

Racing down the refrigerated toboggan at speeds of up to 35 mph is exhilarating! Everyone within driving distance of Pokagon State Park should absolutely consider at least a day trip to enjoy it!

If you do decide to visit Pokagon State Park, consider an overnight at the Potawatomi Inn. It will make your tobogganing sessions so much more convenient and the Inn is a lovely, cozy place to stay.

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Where can I go snow tubing near Indianapolis?

For those of us in Central Indiana, there are two fantastic choices for snow tubing in Indianapolis.

Koteewi Run

Located in Noblesville, Indiana (my town!), is Koteewi Run Snow Tubing. Just north of Indianapolis, Koteewi Run is open from late December through early March (conditions permitting). This whole park is full of hidden gems like the snow tubing runs.

Kotweei Run is a snow tubing park in central Indiana

After renting a tube for a two-hour session on the weekend (or four hours during the week), you can rush down the groomed runs and then enjoy a lazy tow rope back to the top. Definitely, the way to go for snow tubing in Noblesville!

Be sure to call ahead to ensure the snow tubing is open and running – and for weekends and holidays, it would be smart to book your time ahead on the website.

Strawtown Koteewi Park, 12302 Strawtown Ave. Noblesville, IN

👉 Extend your fun in Noblesville, by booking a stay at the lovely and highly-rated Embassy Suites. After a fun day of snow tubing, you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations and be close to all the yummy restaurants and fun shops at Hamilton Town Center.

Valley’s Edge Snow Tubing

Although technically in Ohio, Valley’s Edge is just over the border and pretty darn close to Richmond. Close enough that you could consider an afternoon at Valleys Edge snow tubing in Richmond Indiana! It’s also just about an hour and a half from Indianapolis.

There are tons of things to do in the area besides snow tubing Richmond, so this could make for a really fun overnight or even a full weekend getaway. Enjoy some time snow tubing near Richmond Indiana and then explore all the rest of the fun things that the city has to offer.

Valley’s Edge, 8295 State Route 121 N. New Paris, Indiana

Where can I go snow tubing in Southern Indiana?

Southern Indiana has a few more snow tubing options as the hilly terrain lends itself towards winter sports. Either of these options would be an easy day trip or a fun weekend getaway for most of Indiana.

Perfect North Slopes

Close to the Ohio border (Cincinnati area) in Southeast Indiana, Perfect North is not only the state’s largest ski resort but also the largest place for snow tubing in Indiana.

Perfect North has 25 tubing lanes – that’s a LOT, and all those lanes make it some of the best snow tubing in Indiana! And a few of them are designated as super lanes where a larger group can go down together.

Another wonderful addition to the Perfect North Snow Tubing area is the Children’s Snow Tubing area. Most snow tubing is for kids 4+, but this Children’s area is specifically created with younger children in mind so they can enjoy snow tubing just like the big kids!

Perfect North Slopes, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

👉 Instead of just a day trip to snow tube at Perfect North, why not book a room in nearby Cincinnati and make a weekend of it? Cincinnati is a wonderful city with TONS of museums, restaurants, shopping, and more!

Paoli Peaks Artic Blast Snow Tube Park

Paoli Peaks is located just 45 minutes north of Louisville and about an hour and a half south of Indianapolis in Paoli, Indiana.

In addition to the Arctic Blast snow tube park, if conditions are favorable, Paoli Peaks has a few ski runs and terrain parks, so you could easily spend a weekend enjoying the winter fun.

The snow tube park has its own separate lodge, near the tubing runs, so you don’t have to trek all the way back to the main lodge for snacks, restrooms, etc.

Making a reservation online is highly recommended as the tickets for tubing do sell out on busy days.

Paoli Peaks, 2798 W County Rd 25 S Paoli, IN

What is snow tubing?

Indiana snow tubing is when you ride down a snow-covered track (or run) on an inflatable innertube. If you spend any time on the water, you are probably familiar with tubing down a river or behind a boat. Snow tubing is similar, but it’s in the winter on snow.

Snow tubing

Is snow tubing the same as sledding?

Snow tubing is similar to sledding, but there are a few differences. Although both occur on snow-covered hills, snow tubing is typically located on tubing runs – which are groomed by a snow tubing park.

The other big (and important!) difference is that most snow tubing runs have a magic carpet or tow rope to take you to the top – so no trudging up the hill dragging a sled!

Is snow tubing dangerous?

As with all winter sports, there are some dangers to snow tubing, but because it is usually done in a controlled environment it tends to be safer than sledding. However, you will be required to sign a waiver at most snow parks as there are some inherent risks anytime you ride down a steep slope on an inner tube!

Follow the rules and don’t do anything crazy and you should get to enjoy this fun winter activity safely.

Is snow tubing for adults?

Snow tubing is absolutely for adults! And kids! Really for anyone able to follow the rules and ride the snow tube alone. Many parks do not allow kids under 4 to ride, so keep that in mind if you have small children.

Snow tubing can be a really fun family or adult-only winter activity – next time you are looking for something different and exciting to do on a winter day, consider snow tubing.

What should you wear when snow tubing in Indiana?

Dress according to the weather. If it’s really cold, layer up! Remember, you will be out in the cold – after all, snow tubing requires snow! I typically wear my ski gear (with regular snow boots versus my ski boots) and am perfectly comfortable.

🌟 Want to know exactly what to wear? Check out this post with suggestions – and a free printable list of what to pack for a ski trip and you’ll be set for snow tubing too!

Should you wear goggles when snow tubing?

Although you don’t need goggles when snow tubing, if it’s really cold, windy, or snowing they can be a welcome addition to your gear. If it’s a sunny day and not windy, sunglasses might suffice.

Do you need goggles when snow tubing in Indiana?

🌟 I love my Smith Goggles – they are affordable on Amazon and I’ve worn them snow tubing, skiing, and snowshoeing! Pick up a great pair like mine and they will last for YEARS!

Do you need snow boots when snow tubing?

Although you could wear tennis shoes, snow boots are the best choice when snow tubing. After all, you will be walking in the snow, and tennis shoes are likely to get wet. Warm, waterproof snow boots are your best option.

Wear snow boots for snow tubing in Indiana

🌟 If you need a snow boot recommendation, I’ve been wearing my Columbia boots (similar to these) successfully for years – my feet are always warm and dry – even in DEEP Northern Michigan snow!

How much does it cost to snow tube in Indiana?

It does cost money to snow tube – typically between $25 – $35 for a 2-hour window on the weekends and a similar cost for 4 hours during the week.

For the convenience of riding up the hill, it’s well worth it in my book! Some of the snow tube runs in Indiana do get booked up, so wherever you plan on going, be sure to call beforehand to make sure they are open and have availability before you make the drive.

Conclusion: Snow Tubing Indiana

If you’re seeking a thrilling and enjoyable winter activity, snow tubing is the perfect answer. Amidst the snowy landscapes of Indiana, this exhilarating pursuit offers a delightful cure for the winter doldrums. Rather than wishing away the season, embracing it through snow tubing can transform your perspective and inject a dash of excitement into your winter routine.

Discovering suitable locations for snow tubing in Indiana, especially given its predominantly flat terrain, might seem like a challenge. However, with a bit of exploration, you’ll find a handful of places that promise unforgettable experiences.

So, whether you’re drawn to the slopes of Northern, Central, or Southern Indiana, the thrill of snow tubing awaits. Embrace the winter wonderland, dive into the excitement, and make memories that will warm your heart long after the snow has melted away. Get ready for an adventure that will have you eagerly anticipating the next snowy day!


Ready for a fun winter activity? Give snow tubing in Indiana a try! With several options around and near the state this would be a fantastic winter day trip or part of an exciting weekend getaway! #indiana #snowtubing #winterfun
Ready for a fun winter activity? Give snow tubing in Indiana a try! With several options around and near the state this would be a fantastic winter day trip or part of an exciting weekend getaway! #indiana #snowtubing #winterfun