Spring Break Ideas for Families: Mixing Excitement with Relaxation

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Are you on the hunt for spring break ideas for families? The whisper of snow might still be in the air, and your winter coats may not have made their way to storage just yet, but believe it or not, Spring Break is on the horizon. It’s something to look forward to in the seemingly endless cycle of chilly mornings and early sunsets.

And if history has taught me anything, it’s that delaying Spring Break plans can lead to a chorus of “what ifs” instead of a symphony of unforgettable family memories. I learned this the hard way—the year we procrastinated, we missed out on our adventure entirely and ended up staying home (although we did make the best of it!), a reminder that timing is everything.

In the spirit of adventure and making the most of this cherished time, I’m sharing five Spring Break ideas that my family has enjoyed over the years, all of which promise to help you create a memorable Spring Break.

From basking in the warmth of sunny shores to embracing the tail end of winter on the slopes, these suggestions are designed to inspire, excite, and motivate you to start planning now. Let’s ensure that this Spring Break is not just another week on the calendar, but a chapter of your family’s story you’ll want to remember time and again.

The beach is a great spring break vacation for families. This is a view of Daytona Beach from our condo window.

1. Beach Getaways for Sunshine & Sand

After a long, bitterly cold winter, there is something extra special about a sunny beach. Living in the Midwest we tend to visit Florida beaches often. Clearwater, Daytona Beach, Pompano, and Siesta Key are all favorites. And Vero Beach is one we go to almost every year, while Destin and Fort Walton Beach are favorites of many Hoosier families I know.

If you are closer to the West Coast, consider the San Diego area. Even if it’s not warm enough for the adults to play in the ocean, I bet the kids will brave the cool waters. If you head far enough south, it will be perfect for being outside and swimming in a heated pool. Or, you can combine a trip to the beach and Disneyland for Spring Break like we did a few years ago.

If you do decide to plan a trip to the beach, be sure to pack accordingly. Check out this post on Beach Essentials to make sure you bring everything you need for a perfect beach vacation.

Theme parks can be a great family spring break vacation! My daughter and I love riding the carousel.

2. Thrill-Seeking at Theme Parks

Walt Disney World is an all-time favorite for my family. Even if we take a beach vacation, we often tack on a few days at Disney to help break up the drive (and get our money’s worth out of those annual passes)! If Disney isn’t your thing, how about Universal Studios or Busch Gardens?

🎡 Heading to Disney? If I need tickets, I always purchase them from UndercoverTourist. I’ve always been happy with the prices and the ease of using them!

Or, one of the smaller amusement parks would be perfect if you just have a few days. Another great option would be to combine a few days at a park with a few days in a city for an exciting and playful trip – we did this one year when we visited Williamsburg, VA.

🌟 Insider Tip: Typically it’s pretty warm in Orlando for our later Spring Break, but there could be a cold morning or evening if yours is in early March, so consider some of the suggestions in this post: Pack Smart: What to Wear in Disney World in February for your Spring Break trip.

Try skiing for Spring Break! Just look at these blue skies and mountain full of snow.

3. Slope-side Fun: A Family Ski Trip

March skiing can be fabulous! Some of our all-time favorite ski trips have been in March. The weather is warmer (so fewer layers are needed), there is usually plenty of sunshine, and if there is a good snow base, the snow is still fantastic.

Plus, there is just nothing like sitting outside in the sunshine at a picnic table enjoying a street taco and cold cider after a full day of enjoyable exercise. It’s important to pick a ski location that has other things to do because it IS possible that snow conditions aren’t ideal, so if you have a backup plan you’ll still enjoy the trip.

Visit a Comic Con as something different to do over Spring Break.

4. Homebound Adventures: Exploring Nearby Wonders

I know I mentioned that one year we didn’t go anywhere for Spring Break, but we did end up making the best of it. The year we stayed home (due to my poor planning), we did a lot of unique staycation things like concerts, ComicCon, special dinners out, and day trips. It ended up being a lot of fun and even with all those expenses we still saved a ton of money, so that was a bonus.

And since we have a two-week Spring Break, we’ve also had some wonderful trips to cities within a few hours of home for a quick overnight or two during the week we didn’t travel further. Less drive time meant everyone was relaxed and ready to sightsee as soon as we arrived. Living in the Midwest, there are dozens of terrific options for fun places to go, like these 13 road trips within 3 hours of Indianapolis.

🍴 Looking for a fun “staycation” activity? How about a food tour? We’ve enjoyed them multiple times on our Spring Break vacations whether at home or on the road!

Cruise ship on a beach under a palm tree.

5. Setting Sail: A Spring Break Cruise Adventure

How about a cruise? If you love easy, everything planned for your vacations, then a cruise might be the perfect option. Yes, they can be expensive, but once you are on the ship, pretty much everything is paid for. It’s a lovely feeling to wake up each morning with meals easily accessible, multiple activities to choose from, and no need to worry about transportation. Plus a cruise can be the ideal mix of adventure and relaxation.

This could be especially fun if you have another family (or maybe your extended family) join you. We’ve done a bit of research on cruises lately and will probably indulge in another one shortly – maybe next spring break!

Conclusion: Spring Break Ideas for Families

Remember, the essence of Spring Break is not just about escaping the routine but creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re basking under the sun on a sandy beach, screaming your lungs out on a roller coaster, carving down snowy slopes, exploring the treasures near home, or cruising the open seas, the key is to embrace these moments with open hearts and an adventurous spirit.

Spring Break offers a unique opportunity to connect, explore, and experience the world through new eyes—your family’s. Each destination, whether near or far, holds the promise of discoveries and joys. I know our Spring Break memories are among my most cherished – and some of the fun we’ve had is brought up years later at the dinner table or on new vacations.

So, take a leap, plan, and make this Spring Break a chapter in your family’s story that you’ll all cherish. Here’s to a Spring Break filled with adventure, relaxation, and, most importantly, family. Safe travels and unforgettable adventures await!

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