You knew I’d get here eventually right?  Actually writing a post about cleaning your house in a healthful way.  I’ve shared a couple of great cleaning recipes using Tea Tree essential oil so far, but today I want to dig into the topic a little deeper.

There are several good reasons to look carefully at your cleaning routine.   Cleaning supplies you purchase at the store contain many dangerous ingredients.  After all, there is a reason they have warning labels, right?  Let me show you a quick example.  Here is the ingredient list for a common window cleaner:

Commercial Window Cleaner:  water, carriers, cleaning agents, wetting agent, fragrance, dye, and a “formula”

Well, that tells me nothing – but the big warning below:  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS is worrisome.

How about a window cleaner touted as “natural”?

Natural Window Cleaner: corn and coconut-derived biodegradeable surfactant, soda ash, potassium hydrate, corn alcohol, fragrance oil, colorant, purified water

Okay, I’m still not sure what’s in that cleaner – sounds fancier, but who really knows?

Now, take a look at my homemade window cleaner ingredients:

Homemade Window Cleaner: 1 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 2 1/2 cups water, 1 T cornstarch, 20 drops essential oils (I like lemon or tea tree)

Still not something I want my kids to ingest, but at least I know what’s in it, right?  And I know none of the ingredients are of questionable safety if I get it on my skin or inhale the fumes while using it.

In addition, I made an entire bottle of this cleaner in less than 5 minutes.  It will last months.

Still not convinced?  If I can’t sell you on the health benefits, how about this …

Here is a picture of my cleaning supplies before I moved to natural cleaners:

Cleaning shelf

And here is a picture of the same shelf now.  LOVE IT!  I can clean my whole house with this little stash of products.

Natural cleaning shelf

Ready to upgrade YOUR cleaning?  I encourage you to do what I usually do and take it in baby steps.  Replace ONE cleaner with a more natural version.  When you run out of another cleaner, find a more natural version of that (homemade preferably) and switch it out.  Eventually, you’ll have your cleaning completely converted.  If you don’t want to completely make them from yourself, another great resource I use is Young Living’s Thieves Concentrated Cleaner – it is a wonderful cleaning product, easy to use, and lasts forever.  Pick your bottle up on my Young Living site and you can clean almost everything in your house with that one product.  It might be a simpler way to break yourself of the habit of using commercial cleaners.

Want some more homemade cleaning recipes?  Here are a few I’ve shared in the past:

All-Purpose Cleaner

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Variety of Cleaners

Air Freshener and Dryer “Sheets”

As I mentioned in the Facebook Live I did today, a great website to go to in order to find out what’s in your cleaning products and how safe they are is EWG.  Just type in what you use and see what comes up – it’s pretty shocking!

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