It’s the last week of our Spring Cleansing – and this week we are talking about exercise.

If you’ve been doing the same routine for months now, you may be starting to notice that you aren’t enjoying or getting as much out of your workouts as you did in the past.  It’s very common to start to just “dial in” our workouts when they are the same day after day.  As soon as that happens, we lose the intensity and some of the benefit.  What a waste!

When you start feeling this way, you know it is time to switch things up.  What I like to do is try to find something VERY different from what I’ve been doing.  It means you have to really concentrate and focus on the activity – and when you are paying more attention you are automatically working harder.

For example – if you’ve been running, try biking or swimming.  If you’ve been doing yoga for a while, start walking or hiking in a beautiful or calming environment. Make sure to visit for everything you’ll need while hiking. Maybe you’ve been lifting weights?  Give pilates a try.  You’ll still get similar benefits, but the exercise itself is quite different from what your body and mind have been used to.

I plan on adding a lot of hiking and biking to my summer workout, and pulling my yoga mat out for daily pilates.

 What is your plan?

Need an easy and environmentally safe way to clean your yoga mat?  Here is my favorite spray:

Yoga Mat Spray

Step one:  Fill your spray bottle with half water and half witch hazel (but not quite to the top).

Step two:  Add 3-4 drops tea tree essential oil and 10-12 drops orange (lavender would be another nice alternative).

Step three:  Shake and spray on mat.  Wipe off and let mat dry before rolling back up.

Use this about once a week to keep your yoga mat fresh and clean smelling!

Here are the bottles I like for these little projects:

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