With summer coming and school ending soon, it’s a great time to clean out the pantry.  I know I need to be ready for the kids to be home most of the day.  I need a pantry that helps me get quick lunches on the table, and makes it easy for them to grab snacks on their own.  In addition, with a daughter in 4-H I need to be stocked up on baking supplies so she can practice her project easily.

After a crazy warm winter, the last few days in Indiana have been cold and rainy.  Without the desire to be outside every minute of the day, I was able to spare some free time getting my pantry cleaned and organized.  And it had become quite the mess after the busyness of the last few weeks!

I started by taking everything out on one wall (which was a project), throwing out everything expired (not much luckily) and then reorganizing based on food category.  Ditto for the second wall.  Canned foods are now on one shelf, snacks on another, breakfast food is together, grains are together now and in glass or plastic containers, baking supplies, etc.  I found I have a crazy amount of cereal (we only eat cereal on vacation and I suspect that is from a trip to the store my husband and kids handled for me a while back), so some of that needs to be donated, and I’m a bit low on baking supplies.  I also don’t think I ever need to buy barbeque sauce again.  Good to know.

Overall, my pantry isn’t full of a lot of prepared food – more ingredients – and that makes sense for Spring.  As the variety of fresh food increases, we tend to eat a lot more of that – fruit and veggies will help naturally cleanse your body.

With a nicely organized pantry, it’s easier to grab healthy snacks, pack lunches. and I can see what I need to purchase each week when I hit the grocery store – no wasted food.  It also just feels good to have a clean and organized pantry.


Now that the pantry is under control, it’s time to add some cleansing foods to our diets.  As I mentioned above, fruits and veggies are natural cleansers, and the BEST vegetables of all to help cleanse our bodies are dark leafy greens.

Thanks to the wealth of good vitamins and minerals found in leafy greens, they are nutritional powerhouses.  Sadly most of us don’t get enough of them in our diets.   If you want to start feeling healthier, leaner, have more energy and lose some weight, start adding leafy greens to your daily food intake.  Instead of an afternoon latte, have an afternoon green smoothie.  Add spinach to your eggs in the morning and your pasta at night.  Enjoy BIG salads full of leafy greens for lunch or dinner.  Once you make the effort to start adding them in, it becomes pretty easy to find new ways to enjoy them.

Here are a few of my all time favorite ways to encorporate more leafy greens to your diet every day:

Spinach and Veggie Omelet

The Best Green Smoothie

Best Way to Enjoy Kale

Crunchy Kale Chips

So how are you going to start upping your intake of leafy greens this Spring?  Any plans to clean out your pantry?

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