When I thought of areas I need to “cleanse” in my life, personal care was right up there.  This is a hard area for me.  I’m sure you’ve read/heard/been lectured to/ etc. about how important it is to think about what you put on your skin.  After all, your skin is the largest organ in your body & quickly absorbs everything you put on it (one of the reasons I love my essential oils so much!).

But …

Those organic, healthy products are EXPENSIVE!  Plus they often don’t seem to work very well.

I struggle with this.  I do.  The cost-conscious side of me wants to buy my products at the drugstore using a coupon.  The beauty loving side goes into the specialty stores willing to shell out big bucks for miracle creams.  I’ve done both, for sure.

It’s a slow and hard process to switch to a healthier regime, so I’ve decided to do it in pieces.  This is my path and I hope it encourages you.  Instead of breaking up with all my personal care products at once, I’m replacing them with better for me versions one by one.

It’s less stressful, less expensive and much more manageable.  Hopefully in a year or two, my bathroom cabinet will be a lovely minimalistic home to a few well-chosen brands or homemade concoctions.

Since it’s going to be a slow road as I experiment and try to wean myself off old ingrained habits, I’ll be sharing each new step as it comes.  This means this isn’t going to be a pretty “look at my instant success” post like last week.   Once I decided this I had to figure out where to start.  Makeup?  Skincare?  Hair?  Supplements?

So.many.choices.  It’s actually pretty overwhelming.  I decided to begin the journey with mascara because I wear it everyday and moisturizer because it’s also a product I never skip.  It’s all about baby steps.  So on to what I discovered:

I chose my products based upon their ratings on the EWG site as well as the product company site (how were products tested, etc.) AND how affordable the products are.  EWG is terrific as it rates not only the overall product, but also the ingredients in each product too.  Just go to the site, type in your product and see how it rates.  But you might consider finding a replacement before looking at what you are using today – it can be pretty scary!

The results:

Mascara was actually pretty easy.  I didn’t find a lot of affordable options, so I started with Physician’s Formula Organic Wear from the drugstore.  The EWG rating is a 1 so I felt very comfortable with that.  Plus, it is super affordable and easy to find.  I purchased it from my local drugstore for $9.99.  I even convinced my daughter to start using it and she loves it also.  The brush is thick, it goes on smoothly and lasts all day.  I haven’t worn it swimming yet. so I don’t know how that will work out.  I’ll probably update this review later this summer to cover that concern.  Here is a picture and link to the exact product:

Moisturizer was a lot more challenging.   As I’m no longer 20 and I don’t tend to wear foundation, the texture and look of my skin is important.  I tried 3 different moisturizers and was pleasantly surprised by all of them.  I can’t tell you if they erase wrinkles or anything like that yet as I only used each one for a week, but none of them made my skin break out, and all three did a great job of moisturizing.

My favorite was also the most expensive (go figure):

The price was the same at Ulta which is where I purchased mine, so I know it’s available in a few places.  This product contains SPF 15 which is important to me as even on cloudy days I want to have sunscreen on my face.  However because of the sunscreen it went on very thick and white.  I had to spend a bit of time rubbing it in each day.  If I was in a rush this would be annoying.  Luckily, it made my skin quite smooth and fresh looking so I was willing to spend the extra time.  I also enjoyed the scent – very light.  I will definitely be checking out more products in the Juice Beauty line as I liked this moisturizer quite a bit.  EWG rated it a one, although one of the ingredients it contained was rated a 4.  I also really liked that this company is a PETA Cruelty-free company.

Next was my second favorite:

Honestly this was a close second for me, and I would happily use it as well as the Juice Beauty moisturizer.  It also had a bit of the white look that I had to rub in, but not quite as much.  The product seemed to work well, my skin looked and felt good.  The only reasons I preferred the other is that this one is a bit grainy when you first put it on.  It felt a little rough as I rubbed it in.  That feeling did disappear but it was definitely there when first applying.  Also the scent was a little earthy.  SPF 15 again which is nice, EWG rating of a one with all ingredients rated as a 1 or 2.

The final moisturizer that I tried and liked was:

This was pretty affordable and felt great when applied, however it didn’t have any SPF at all.  That’s why it was my least favorite.  I would probably use it when going to the pool or on vacation and apply a separate SPF as I tend to do that anyway – use a SPF of 30 to 50 in addition to my moisturizer if I know I’ll be in the sun a bunch.  So, it does have it’s use.  EWG rating was one (with all individual ingredients rated as a one) and it had both the PETA Cruelty-free rating as well as the Leaping Bunny certification.

Truth be told, there are dozens of potential products you could try, so if you don’t like any of these, there are many other options.  I was honestly quite pleased with the variety of choices.  Next month I plan on looking at eye shadow and eyeliner as I’m about out of my beloved Urban Decay.   Wish me luck.

Thursday I’ll be sharing some more tips on cleansing your personal care along with using tea tree essential oil for personal care.  In the meantime, here is a fun recipe I use for homemade deodorant:  No need to be a hippy to make your own deodorant

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