Spring Into Summer – Week 2

Do you have your list of goals from last week?  If not, take a few minutes to come up with your personalized list, and re-join us.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

This week, we are going to create specific action plans and outline the steps to achieve our May goals.  Hopefully, you completed your jump-start step from last week and are already seeing progress.  If not, don’t stress, you still have a few weeks left until Summer starts.

  1. Look at your goals and your indicators of success from week one.
  2. Break down the steps into bite-sized items to create a path to reach your definition of success.
    • My example #1 – stretching/ relaxation – feel looser and more relaxed by the time summer begins.  To get there, I plan to do yoga 3x each week, take short daily walks in the sunshine at lunch (break in the day) and create a new morning routine to help me ease into the day.
    • My example #2 – de-clutter/ less “stuff” – a clean, clutter-free home that is relaxing and easier to clean.  The whole house is a bit much to take on for one month, so for May, I’ll concentrate on my office.  To end up with a clutter-free office, I plan to spend 1 hour 3x a week cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing.  While doing that I will not just move stuff around but put it away, give it away or sell it.
  3. Write down in your planner/ block out time to complete your action steps each week.
  4. Get some accountability – find a partner to team up with, announce your intentions on Facebook or even in the comments below, and maybe even post some before/ after pictures.
  5. Plan a celebration!  If I meet my goals, I will book a massage for June and hire someone to do a deep clean of the house.  Definitely incentive to succeed!

You are primed for success!  Please follow all these action steps – #5 is just as important as #1.  Next week I’ll share an update, and we’ll talk about how to turn your excuses into action!

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