Spring Into Summer

Summer is on its way!  Do you feel ready?  Met ANY of your New Year’s Goals yet?

Ready for Summer?
Ready for Summer?

With just a month until June, you might feel inclined to just give up on being summer ready, but DON’T!  In four short weeks, you can make a real difference in how you feel and can be ready for an amazing summer.

This month we are going to do an abbreviated version of how I help my coaching clients get Summer Ready – so if you want to feel great this summer, make sure to join us weekly and play along.

Week one is commitment week.  What areas of your life do you want to make improvements to before summer officially starts?  Your health?  Fitness?  Nutrition?  Personal growth?  Balance?  Creativity?  What would make you feel happier and better about yourself?  Go ahead, stop reading, grab a pen and paper and make a list.

Got your list ready?  Now, pick just TWO items on that list to concentrate on in May.  I’ll join in to show you how it’s done:

From my list, I’m going to choose the following:

  • stretching/relaxation
  • clutter busting

Having a better handle on these two areas of my life will allow me to greet summer feeling fantastic and ready for fun!  Write down your two areas on post-it notes and then place them somewhere you’ll see them daily (like on your computer, mirror, or in your planner).

The next step is to figure out what success would look like to you in each of those areas.  After all, [tweetherder]how will you know you’ve achieved your goal if you don’t know where you want to end up?[/tweetherder]

My examples:

  • Less muscle soreness, more peace, less stress
  • Less STUFF laying around, the house is easier to clean

For you, it might be to lose 5 pounds, read 3 books, exercise consistently, learn something new, plan weekly menus – whatever it is that would make you feel like you’ve accomplished something positive for your two areas.

Next week we’ll create a detailed action plan, but for now I want you to think of ONE action you can do in the next week to move towards your goal for each area.  Baby steps are fine – in fact, for this week they are best – you want a small and easy taste of success.

Back to my examples:

  • Yoga 3x this week
  • De-clutter for two hours in my office and take a trip to Goodwill

Go ahead and put those action items on your calendar and be ready to come back next week for more!

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