Spy-Themed Restaurant? SAFEHOUSE!

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On our last night in Chicago, we were treated to a wonderful experience at a restaurant called The SafeHouse.  This is the second location for this spy-themed restaurant (the first being in Milwaukee) but I could definitely see it growing.  In fact, during dinner, we mentioned several times that this would be a huge hit in the Orlando area.

Your first challenge is finding the restaurant.  There is an address, but there isn’t a big splashy entrance like you’ll find at most restaurants.  In fact, the only clues are a small plaque and a few signs – on a busy street like this one in Chicago, you have to look carefully or you’ll miss it!

Entrance to the Safehouse in Chicago

Open the door to find a simple reception room.  The receptionist asks who you are there to see.  If you know the password, you’ll be let right in.  Don’t worry if you don’t know the password though – you’ll just have to do something to gain access and prove you aren’t a double agent.  If your kids are with you, ham it up – they’ll love it.

The restaurant is really amazing.  Once seated, you’ll be greeted by your special agent and asked to make your own special agent nametags – which you are now known as …

nametag at The Safehouse

Our agent – Agent Mardi Gras was as fun as her name implies and she didn’t let us off the hook at all.  We had a variety of fun challenges throughout the meal that we had to complete.  Being a competitive family, we relished the chance to try to beat each other to the answers, solve the puzzles, etc.

The atmosphere is upbeat, quirky and so interesting.  We were encouraged to touch everything (especially the things that said “do not touch”), investigate to our heart’s content, and just have a good time.  I won’t give away too many details here because I don’t want to ruin YOUR fun.  Just know that the more involved you are, the more you will enjoy your experience.

I will rave a bit about the food.  The menu had a nice variety of appetizers (we went with the cheese curds as recommended by Agent Mardis Gras), drinks (Spicy Margarita anyone?), salads, burgers, and entrees.  For us, the standouts were definitely the MOAB (mother of all burgers), Nachos Camp Stanley, and Covert Chopped salad.  YUM.  The portions were very large, so keep that in mind – we did not leave hungry.  In fact, we walked back to our hotel as we were so stuffed.

Food at The Safehouse

The intrigue continues even as you leave the joint.  Exiting the place isn’t easy, but it is fun – I’ll just leave it at that.

This is a great place to take your kids for a fun night of entertainment and good food.  It was the perfect way to end our trip to Chicago on a high note.

Thanks to The Safehouse for hosting us for dinner.  All the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. This is so great! I was recently in Milwaukee and wanted to go to the SafeHouse there but didn’t get a chance. Sounds like so much fun! I heard if you don’t know the password they have you do the chicken dance! True or false?

    1. Well, we didn’t do the chicken dance, but we DID have to show our best kung fu moves! I did see others doing the chicken dance so I think they mix it up.

  2. This sounds like so much fun–such a cute theme restaurant. I’m always hoping someone will bring me games or puzzles to keep me occupied as I wait for my meal. 😉

    1. So true Megan – we had tons of things to do while we were waiting – think scavenger hunts, magic-type puzzles, etc. Fun stuff!

  3. What an evening! My hubby would love something like this. Wish I had known about it when we lived in Chicago – will have to look for one around our neck of the woods.

    1. It was fun – would be a good date night for sure. With this being the second one (first in Milwaukee) I can totally see another one opening – and Orlando would be a prime location – fits right in with Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex and the like.

  4. I would be so down for this! My family…not so much! haha… but what a fun themed dinner and experience.

  5. This sounds amazing! My husband and I have been talking about spending a weekend in Chicago and he would absolutely love this! I going to pin it to one of my group boards. I don’t want to forget where to find it 🙂

  6. This is a great idea for a fun family night out. I’m glad you explained the concept, but didn’t reveal all of the cool surprises I’m sure you experienced throughout the night.

  7. Themes are my thing! I love a great theme and bonus points if it’s crime or spy-themed! This looks like a great time. I’ll HAVE to look into this next time I travel to Chicago.

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