Start Your Day with 5 Minutes of Calm

This month we are going to slow things down. The crazy holiday season is coming so hopefully you can enjoy a little calm before it arrives.

I’ll also be teaching you some terrific methods for reducing stress and calming your mind. Practice them now and they will come in handy for the rest of the year.

We’ll start this series off with the way you begin your day.

You wake up late or to a blaring alarm clock, rush around the house making breakfast, packing lunches, making sure everyone has everything in their backpack, getting yourself showered, dressed and ready for work – maybe grabbing a coffee to go?

If that sounds like your current morning, then no wonder you start each day off feeling stressed and behind.

Don’t you wish you were this calm?

Maybe you still have to do all that, but wouldn’t you love to begin the day with a few minutes of calm first? Amazingly, 5 minutes of calm will make the rest of the morning bearable AND put you in a better mood.

Here’s how to do it:

First things first, change how you wake up. If your alarm is annoying, why do you use it? Why not switch to music you love? My daughter set her alarm to birds chirping – love it!

Next, hop on out of bed (so you don’t fall back asleep) and grab a glass of water – hydrating will wake you up gently and it’s been hours since you consumed anything so your body needs that water.

While you are enjoying your drink, take a few minutes and appreciate the fact that it’s a new day. Think about what you are thankful for in your life and think about one thing you are looking forward to. Don’t start thinking about everything you need to do  yet.  (Don’t have anything you are looking forward to? Then we need to talk!).

Spend a minute or two stretching.

Now you can move into the rest of the day – hopefully in a bit more centered manner.

Thursday on Facebook  I’ll be sharing one of my favorite centering methods. When I feel myself starting to lose my cool or the stress begins spiraling out of control, this is the first thing I do. I’ll also introduce our Oil of the Month, RC.  It is super affordable and an oil everyone should have on hand.  Check it out at 12:00 EST!