Take a Vacation at Home

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Planning a staycation this year?

Last week I shared how to eat healthy at Disney and although I do love a big summer vacation, I get that it’s not feasible for everyone.  It might be finances stopping you, or maybe just time.  Regardless, there are still so many fun things to do that give you the feel of being on vacation without the travel and cost.downtown disney

Ready for some inexpensive and fun staycation ideas?

  • Do something “outdoorsy.”  Unless you work as a park ranger or the like, hiking or even going on a picnic is going to feel very different from work.  Plus its healthy fun and the kids LOVE it!
  • Play tourist.  Almost every town has something to see.  It always amazes me how many people will live in a location for their whole life and never play tourist in their own backyard.  Early in my corporate career, we did two one-year stints in North Carolina and New York.  In both places, we visited and toured more of those states than our neighbors who had been born there (and weren’t young!).  Why?  Simply because we spent our time there with the mentality of a tourist and searched out the attractions, special festivals, museums, etc.  You’ll have a fun time and get a new appreciation for your hometown!
  • Have a “Day of Fun” and use up any gift cards or coupons you have lying around.  When we were just starting out (and didn’t have much money), we would do this regularly and it was always so much fun!  As an experiment, my kids and I recently had a day like this.  First we went to breakfast using a bagel shop gift card.  Next, we played a round of putt-putt using funds from an expired Groupon.  Lunch was at Pizza Hut courtesy of their Book-It rewards and we went to the pool in the afternoon to swim using our already paid for pool membership.  We had a blast and spent nothing out of pocket!
  • Take a day trip.  Similar to my second tip,  use those ideas but go somewhere within an hour or two radius.  Not sure where to go?  Get a map of your state and draw a circle about 60 to 120 miles around your city.  See what’s in that circle and go check it out!
  • Have a lazy day.  No cleaning (you can cook if you WANT to), pajamas and coffee, reading, games, popcorn and movies.  End the day with appetizers or snacky food for dinner.  Crafts or a walk/ bike ride to the playground can round out this day.

Complete one of the five ideas above every day for a week and you’ve got a full vacation planned!  Let me know if you implement any of these ideas – I’d love to hear how it went.