Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday – or just a wonderful day if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!


Now that the official holiday is over, TODAY is the day to start stocking up on healthy “holiday” food that you can enjoy for the next few months!  A well stocked pantry can make meal planning and eating healthy affordable and EASY!

Some things that will be on sale today (and probably for the next few weeks) that you should consider buying a few extras of for your pantry:

  • baking supplies (chocolate chips, baking powder/soda, spices, vanilla, flour, etc.)
  • pumpkin – although it’s EASY to make your own, it’s nice to have a few cans on hand.  There are SO many uses for pumpkin and it’s a delicious, healthy addition to your diet.
  • Turkey/ ham – last year I found some GREAT deals on hams at Trader Joe’s after Christmas.  I bought two and popped them in the freezer – they made excellent meals later in the winter – along with enough ham for my favorite fall soup!
  • Seasonal produce – stores may have overstocked cranberries, sweet potatoes or squash, so take advantage!

Don’t go crazy – only buy what you know you will consume in the next few months, but DO take advantage of current deals – spending a little now will save you lots later!

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