Strawberry picking near Indianapolis

Strawberry Picking near Indianapolis 2023

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It’s strawberry-picking season in Indiana! Ready for all the tips on strawberry picking near Indianapolis? Read on …

When to Pick Strawberries in Indiana?

Strawberries are the first berries that are ready for picking in Indiana. The first batch is typically ready in early June, although you might find a few places with strawberries available in late May. The strawberry patches are typically only available for picking through mid to late June.

Although they are only available for a few weeks, fresh strawberries are delicious and the easiest berry to find for u-pick near Indianapolis.

Where to Pick Strawberries Near Indianapolis?

No matter what side of the city you live in, there is probably a place to pick strawberries near you.

Picking strawberries North of Indianapolis

1. Spencer Farm

Located in Noblesville, Indiana, Spencer Farm is where I always pick my strawberries. If you live North of Indianapolis or in Hamilton County, it’s a convenient strawberry-picking option.

In addition to several strawberry fields for picking, Spencer Farm also has a small farm market where you can purchase produce, ice cream, and other goodies. Plus, if you don’t have time to pick your own strawberries, you can grab some pre-picked ones at the market.

Spencer Farm Strawberry Sign

If you happen to miss the strawberry picking season, mid to late June you can pick raspberries at Spencer Farm.

🍷 Insider tip: Spencer Farm also has a winery! So after an hour of picking strawberries, relax with a glass of wine.

Picking strawberries on the Northwest side of Indianapolis

2. Driving Wind Berry Farm

Inside the circle, you’ll find Driving Wind Berry Farm. As the name suggests, it’s a great place within the city to pick your own berries.

In addition to strawberry picking in early June, Driving Wind is well known for its blueberry picking a little later in the season. Plus, you can pick blackberries too! As an urban farm, it has a very different feel than a typical Indiana farm – but that makes it a unique and special place to visit.

🌼 Insider tip: Want a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Driving Wind also offers u-pick flowers!

strawberry plant

Picking strawberries on the Southeast side of Indianapolis

3. Waterman’s Family Farm

Heading southeast on 465 you’ll encounter Waterman’s Family Farm. Although they do have a second location in Greenwood, it’s often closed until Fall.

After picking your strawberries, pick up a nice variety of other fresh produce grown locally or brought in from other farms at peak freshness.

Picking strawberries on the West side of Indianapolis

4. Beasley’s Orchard

Beasley’s Orchard has strawberry picking available for a few weeks in early June. Located in Danville, just outside of Indianapolis, Beasley’s also has a wonderful, really large farm market.

After the strawberries are gone, raspberry picking begins in late June through mid-July, so that’s another fun berry-picking opportunity!

🍎 Insider tip: Beasley’s is very well-known for its fall apple picking, pumpkins, and fall festival atmosphere, so absolutely plan a trip back!

Why Pick Your Own Strawberries?

Picking strawberries can be a bit rough (sitting on the ground, no shade on a sunny day, bending over constantly), so why is it such a popular thing to do?

U-pick farms create family memories

Although it can be a lot of work, picking strawberries can also be a terrific way to create family memories. As the weather in Indiana is just starting to be consistently nice, it’s a fun way to get outside and enjoy it as a family.

Many families pick strawberries together every year. It’s the way they kick off summer. Anytime you do something annually, it has the potential to become a cherished family tradition.

PIcking your own strawberries near Indianapolis

Strawberry picking is also something the whole family can do. Even though your toddlers may end up eating more strawberries than putting them in the basket, they can participate and have a good time learning a bit about where their food comes from.

Have teens? They can be strawberry picking machines, and you can get uninterrupted time to have conversations with them while you are in the fields.

Even grandparents can come along and enjoy strawberry picking. They appreciate the time with the kids as well as ending up with a basket of delicious berries.

Nothing tastes better than freshly picked strawberries

Sun-kissed, just-picked from-the-patch strawberries are so much better than the uniform ones you pick up at the grocery store. There is really no comparison.

Although you might pay a little more to pick them yourself, you are guaranteed that they are fresh. Plus, since you are doing the work, every berry will meet your standard!

Tips for the best strawberry picking experience

The most important strawberry picking tip? Call ahead. Before you leave your house, call the berry farm to be sure that they are open and that there are strawberries to be picked. There is nothing more disappointing than loading up the family, driving to the farm, and discovering that the strawberry fields are closed.

Strawberry field for u-pick near Indianapolis

The other important caveat is to temper your expectations to meet your picking crew. If you have toddlers with you, don’t expect to pick pounds upon pounds of strawberries. With little kids, you are there for the experience, not quantity.

Finally, be prepared for the weather by wearing sunscreen and a hat – there isn’t shade in strawberry patches. If you have sensitive skin, consider long sleeves or pants and go in the morning when the sun isn’t as hot.

👉 Need a great all-around outdoor hat? This one from Columbia comes in multiple colors, is lightweight, and provides plenty of UVA/UVB protection. Perfect for all your berry picking and other outdoor adventures!

FAQs about picking strawberries near Indianapolis

What is the best month to go strawberry-picking?

In Indiana, early June is the best month to pick strawberries.

What weather is best to pick strawberries?

A warm sunny afternoon is the best time to pick strawberries as this is when they are at their juiciest.

How do you keep your strawberries fresh?

Don’t wash them until you plan on eating them, keep them in the fridge and try to consume them within a week for the freshest-tasting berries.

Conclusion: Picking Strawberries Near Indianapolis

Overall, just have fun! Get out there, pick some strawberries, and spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying a beautiful Indiana summer day!


Ready to go pick strawberries? Here are the best places to pick strawberries near Indianapolis. If you live in the area, you are sure to find a place to pick strawberries near you! #supportlocal #strawberries #Indiana
Ready to go pick strawberries? Here are the best places to pick strawberries near Indianapolis. If you live in the area, you are sure to find a place to pick strawberries near you! #supportlocal #strawberries #Indiana