Sweet Potato Chips

As I mentioned yesterday, I made it a point to try several new things this month.  One of them was completing a cleanse.  This was NOT easy.  I’ve done short three-day cleanses before, but this one was two weeks and eliminated dairy, alcohol, wheat and for the first week meat and eggs.

I decided that after the holiday season it was time to re-set my digestive system and when I want to do that, a cleanse is the first thing that comes to mind.  I’m not a fan of juice only cleanses – for me it’s just too extreme.  So, this time around I spent the first week enjoying smoothies or juices for breakfast, light lentil or nut/seed based veggie dishes for lunch and dinner and lots of fresh food.  Nothing processed and no sugar.  Week two was the same except I had fish a few times and a veggie omelet for breakfast twice.

One of the ways I made it through without sugar was these wonderful sweet potato chips.  I made up a batch of them every other day and inhaled them like they were going out of style.  Now that I’m done with the cleanse, I still love these chips – so apparently they really ARE good and I wasn’t just so deprived that I convinced myself of their yumminess.

So, if you need a sweet, no sugar and HEALTHY snack – give these chips a try.

Sweet Potato Chips

Step one:  Peel and thinly (the thinner the better) slice one large sweet potato.

Sweet Potato Chips 001

Step two:  Toss the sweet potato slices with a T of olive oil, sea salt and cumin or cinnamon.

Step three:  On an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet, spread out the slices into a single layer.  Bake at 400 until almost hard (watch for the edges to burn, pull them out before that happens).  I typically flip them once during the cooking process.  Cooking time varies depending upon how thin your slices are.  Mine usually took about 15 to 20 minutes.

Sweet Potato Chips 002

Step four:  Cool and enjoy.  Half is a good serving portion, so just put the other half in a bowl with a lid and eat in the next day or so.

Sweet Potato Chips 004

Doing a cleanse like this is very worthwhile – I felt great both during and after it, but it DOES require some pretty serious menu planning.

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