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In the mood to spend a day exploring but only have a few free hours?  Why? Because there is no one to let the dog out.  Ever happened to you? We love our dog, but he does cramp our style.

When there have been weeks where it seems like he has been alone too much – or we just find ourselves with a full free day and want to run around without having to stop back home mid-day, we find a way to bring him along.

It’s a little more work but can definitely lead to a fun and different way to spend the day.

Luckily there are many places these days that allow dogs.  I’ve had good luck at local restaurants and breweries or wineries with outdoor seating, parks of course; ice cream shops, coffee shops, farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts and sometimes an outdoor tourist attraction (like a walking tour – self-guided or not).

A few tips to make for an easy day:

  • Call ahead to make sure your pup is allowed.
  • Combine a variety of activities – some food, some walking, maybe just some hanging out
  • Check the weather – nothing worse than a wet dog in the car!
  • Be a good dog owner – bring along water and poop bags and pick up after your dog

Ready for an example?  If you live in the Indianapolis area, here is a fun day with your dog:

The day must start with coffee, right?  Luckily most coffee and bagel shops are happy to have your dog join you.

Take your dog to breakfast

Once everyone is fully charged, a little walking seemed like a good plan – with a pup in tow it makes sense to get the exercise in early before it gets too hot.  We headed to our favorite walking trail at Potter’s Bridge in Noblesville. The trail runs right along the White River and is beautiful, paved and shaded!

Bernie on a walk at Potter's Bridge in Noblesville, IN

Lunchtime.  We decided to hit the local mall as there is a little food court with outdoor seating – Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville welcomes dogs, so we had no worries walking him around.

Bernie enjoying lunch at Hamilton Town Center Mall's outdoor food court.

Right across the street was a Three Dog Bakery, so we walked over so Bernie could pick out a treat for being so good all day!

Bernie shopping at Three Dog Bakery

After shopping, we decided to take a little afternoon break with a board game and drink – outside of course so Bernie could sit in the shade under the table.

We still weren’t ready to head home, and luckily for us, there are outdoor concerts almost every night in our area.   As long as there is a grassy lawn, Bernie is happy to join us.

Take your dog to an outdoor concert

See what a fun day you can have, even with a dog in tow? Is it as easy as a day without your dog? Of course not, but it’s a whole different type of adventure and definitely a day you will remember!

Do you take your dog with you when you go exploring or traveling? Where do you like to go? 

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Take Your Dog on Adventures