11+ BEST Factory Tours in Indiana: Explore & Learn

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Indiana, often celebrated for its sprawling cornfields and tranquil farmland, holds a special place in my heart as my home state. However, this Midwestern gem is so much more than its pastoral beauty. As a lifelong Indiana resident and an avid explorer, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to explore its unique attractions. And checking out the best factory tours in Indiana is one of those fun things my family loves to do.

These tours are not just about observing machines and production lines; they’re about understanding the heart and soul of manufacturing – the innovation, the craftsmanship, and the dedication that go into creating products we often take for granted. From the meticulous process of crafting fine chocolates to the art of brewing craft beer, each tour is unique and interesting.

Through these Indiana factory tours, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the hardworking individuals behind these products, their commitment to quality, and the reasons the products are worth every penny they cost. Join me as I share some of the most intriguing and educational factory tours I’ve found across Indiana, and plan your own visits with your family!

The Best Factory Tours in Northern Indiana

No matter where you are in the state of Indiana, you’ll find interesting and unique factory tours. The northern part of the state is home to delicious chocolates, perfumery and so much more. In fact, if you include all the hand-crafted goods produced in Elkhart and LaGrange County you could actually spend quite a few weekends exploring a variety of Indiana-made items.

Factory Tours in Indiana - DeBrand chocolates

1. DeBrand Fine Chocolates

Love chocolate? I’ve been on a lot of chocolate factory tours through the years, and the DeBrand tour in Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of my all-time favorites! I’ve done this tour several times and if we are going to be in Fort Wayne for more than a day I always try to squeeze it in.

Not only do you get a front-row viewing of how the chocolates are created, packaged, and shipped, but you also get a generous number of delicious samples. Yummy, right?

This tour does cost $$, but you get a coupon for that amount back off a purchase. And the chocolate cafe has some delicious options. My personal favorite is the hot chocolate. It’s a creamy, dark chocolate, incredibly decadent treat.

Be sure to check the website to see when tours are offered – they tend to be on a few days each week. No reservations are required, but I’d arrive early to make sure you can join.

DeBrand Fine Chocolates, 10105 Auburn Park Dr. Fort Wayne, IN

Sign for Annie Oakley natural perfumery in Indiana

2. Annie Oakley Perfumery

Have you ever toured a perfumery? At the Annie Oakley Perfumery, you can do just that! Tours are during the week (currently Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 and 2:00), but it’s a small business, so it’s always smart to call ahead to make sure they are happening.

The tour shares information on how the perfumes are created, as well as the story of Annie Oakley Perfumes. After the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to shop for fragrances, or even create a unique blend – which sounds very fun to me!

There is a small fee for the tour, but you will get credit for that amount to be used on purchases. Don’t be put off by the out-of-the-way, unassuming location, Annie Oakley Perfumery is a lovely little place to visit.

Annie Oakley Perfmery, 300 Johnson St. Ligioner Indiana

South Bend Chocolate Cafe

3. South Bend Chocolate Factory & Museum Tours

More chocolate? Yep, South Bend Chocolate is located in South Bend, Indiana, and makes a fun stop if you are heading north to Michigan on US31. I’ve visited several South Bend Chocolate stores throughout the state, so it was quite fun to check out the “mothership.” in South Bend.

Tours last 45 minutes and are conducted Monday – Friday as well as Saturday morning. In addition to the factory tour, you can also visit the chocolate museum. They also share a bit about the history of chocolate, and if you are lucky you’ll get to hand-dip your own chocolate. There is a small charge, but you do get to enjoy a sample during the tour.

South Bend Chocolate Factory & Museum Tours, 330 W. Sample St. South Bend, IN

Hand painting a Janus motorcycle in the Janus factory.

4. Motorcycles

Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or not, if you are in Elkhart County Indiana, please take some time to check out Janus Motorcycles. These bikes are made by hand (to order) in Goshen, Indiana.

You can visit the factory and watch how they are created. The craftsmanship and meticulous detail of each bike is incredible. And much of the painting is done by hand. The process is fascinating, and once you realize how much time and effort is put into the motorcycles your appreciation for them will substantially increase – I know mine did!

If you already ride, you can even sign up (online) for a test drive and tour. I don’t ride myself, but if I did, this would for sure be on my bucket list. The showroom is only open Monday – Friday afternoons, and as they are a small company, be sure to call ahead or book a ride/tour online before you visit.

Janus Motorcyles, 211 S. 5th St. Goshen, IN

some of the beautiful Teaberry wood baskets

5. Teaberry Wood Products

Teaberry Wood Products is a small Amish family-run business, but if you are in Middlebury, Indiana make an effort to go check it out. If they are open you can visit the workroom and the owners will show you how their beautiful baskets (and other goods) are created. Currently, the tours are at 10:00 and 2:00 Monday – Friday. If you have a large group, call ahead and they will arrange a visit for you.

After the tour, shop the connected store – you’ll be hard-pressed not to purchase something special for your own home. I picked up a gorgeous basket on my visit that I use for napkins. It’s useful and beautiful. There are plenty of items perfect for gifts too.

Teaberry Wood Products, 1450 N. 1150 W., Middlebury, IN

Sun King Fishers Test Kitchen

The Best Factory Tours in Central Indiana

Heading a bit further south in the state are several other interesting factory tours to add to your list of places to visit. A few of my favorites include beer and art glass.

6. Sun King Factory Tour

If you are a fan of craft beer, a tour of Sun King Brewery is a must-do. As one of the original craft beers created, Sun King has grown to include multiple restaurants, breweries, and beverages shipped throughout the country.

The factory tour must be booked ahead of time, and there are two options. Both charge a fee, but you’ll get to enjoy samplings of some of the delicious beers. You have to be 21+ and you must wear closed-toed shoes.

After the tour, go check out one of the Sun King taprooms in the city. We’ve visited the Carmel location, the airport restaurant, and the location in Fishers, and all of them are excellent!

My Insider tip: head next door to Easley Winery and see if they have a winery tour available for a fun EXTRA adventure!

Sun King Brewery, 135 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN

Even if you can’t get to Sun King, you can pick up most of their beers at Total Wines– my favorite spot to get a fun variety of beer, and wine.

Kokomo Opalescent art glass

7. Kokomo Opalescent Glass (KOG)

The Kokomo Opalescent Glass factory tour was one of the most interesting tours I’ve ever participated in! Kokomo Opalescent makes beautiful art glass, and the tour takes you through the entire process.

You’ll also get to see some of the amazing finished products and sheets of glass.

The tour is quite a bit of walking, sometimes on uneven floors, and it can be very hot near where the ovens are, so keep that in mind.

We visited during our day trip a few years ago to Kokomo – enjoy this tour and then all the other fun things we discovered!

Kokomo Opalescent Glass, 1310 South Market St. Kokomo, IN

8. Traders Point Creamery

If you have city kids who aren’t familiar with farm life, bring them over to Traders Point Creamery for a farm tour. Located just outside of Indianapolis, in Zionsville, you’ll feel your stress melt away when you visit.

There are several tour choices. There is a self-guided tour which is about a 1.5-mile hike, or a guided tour (which I’d recommend) with ice cream at the end! The self-guided tour doesn’t require reservations, but the guided one does. You can also watch the evening cow milking at 6:30 Tuesday through Saturday which is quite unique for city kids.

In addition to farm tours, Traders Point Creamery has an amazing farm-to-table restaurant (we enjoyed an outdoor meal one summer that was simply magical), a farm store, an ice cream stand, and just an overall lovely atmosphere. Plus, there are often special dinners, classes (even wine classes), and more. Visit their website to see what is happening when you plan on visiting.

Traders Point Creamery, 9101 Moore Rd. Zionsville, IN

Hunter's Honey Farm

The Best Factory Tours in Southern Indiana

Head south of Indianapolis to discover more fun and educational factory tours. The rolling hills and valleys of Southern Indiana feel like an entirely different state versus the flatlands and cornfields of the north or the skyscrapers in Indianapolis, and the factory tours you’ll discover here are quite unique too!

9. Hunter’s Honey Farm

Maybe this isn’t quite a factory tour, but visiting Hunter’s Honey Farm is such an interesting behind-the-scenes tour of how honey is made that I had to include it!

We visited this farm back on our day trip to Morgan County and it was the highlight of the day. Not only did we learn fascinating facts about honey, but we toured the facility to see how the honey is harvested AND got to make our own honey bottle and candle to take home as a souvenir.

Be sure to call ahead to book your tour so can be assured there will be room! We hadn’t done this but were lucky that the tour guide was kind enough to let us join in with another group.

Hunter’s Honey Farm, 6501 W. Honey Ln. Martinsville, IN

Check out Groupon for discount tickets to Hunter’s Honey Farm, and purchase them through Rakuten for even MORE savings!

10. Oliver Winery

Oliver Winery offers amazing tours that walk you through the wine-making process, let you have a peek at how their wines are produced, and introduce you to a variety of delicious wines. I’ve done many winery tours in the past and never get tired of them.

The tours run Friday – Sunday only and must be reserved in advance. No more than 12 people are on each tour so you’ll get a very personalized experience. Even though I’ve visited plenty of wineries through the years, somehow I always have new questions so I do appreciate the smaller group size.

The Oliver Winery grounds are gorgeous and just visiting the winery itself makes for a lovely experience. Add in the tour, enjoy a glass of wine afterward in the courtyard and you’ve got a perfect afternoon!

Oliver Winery, 200 E. Winery Rd. Bloomington, IN

Map of Indiana Factory Tours

Other Indiana Factory Tour Ideas

In addition to the tours mentioned above, Elkhart has several RV factory tours which could be a lot of fun – check out the differences between the companies and learn how RVs are made.

Another great idea is to look into the many breweries, wineries, and distilleries around the state to see if any of them offer behind-the-scenes tours. We’ve found that sometimes just sitting at the bar and talking to the bartender has helped us find interesting and unique experiences!

FAQs: Factory Tours in Indiana

What is the factory tour capital of the world?

Not Indiana, it’s actually York County, PA (and we did some marvelous tours there a few years ago!).

What products does Indiana manufacture?

Tons of things including pharmaceuticals, furniture, caskets, and RVs to name a few.

What is the purpose of a factory tour?

To learn about how a product is made. Factory tours are educational and fun.

Can you tour the Nestle factory in Indiana?

No, there is no factory tour of the Indiana Nestle factory.

Conclusion: The BEST Indiana Factory Tours

As I continue exploring Indiana, uncovering the hidden gems of our state’s industrial landscape, I promise to keep updating this post with every new find. Each factory tour offers a unique window into the heart of Hoosier ingenuity and craftsmanship, and I’m excited to keep exploring and updating this list with new and fascinating tours.

I highly encourage you to incorporate these factory tours into your Indiana weekend getaways and road trips. Whether you’re a family seeking a fun and educational experience, a couple looking for a unique date idea, or a solo traveler eager to delve into the state’s rich industrial heritage, these tours are a must-add to your itinerary. They’re not just about seeing how things are made; they’re about connecting with the history, people, and stories behind these processes (and the stories are my favorite part!).

Indiana is full of surprises, and its factory tours are just one of them. So, pack your curiosity along with your cooler, bring along your sense of adventure, and join me in exploring the fascinating world of manufacturing right here in our own backyard.


Do you love factory tours? Getting to see behind the scenes? If so, plan a day trip to check out one of the BEST Indiana factory tours! #daytrips #indiana #familyfun
Do you love factory tours? Getting to see behind the scenes? If so, plan a day trip to check out one of the BEST Indiana factory tours! #daytrips #indiana #familyfun