The BEST Gifts for Travelers on Your List

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It’s that time of the year. The time when we start racking our brains to figure out what in the heck we should get for all our loved ones. I thought I’d start early this year and scout out the BEST gift ideas for travelers (and non-travelers) on your list.

Travel Yoga mat on a hotel floor

For the Gals Who Love to Travel

Travel Yoga Mat – I’ve mentioned this one several times but it’s just that awesome! This is such a great thing to take on vacations even if you aren’t a big-time yogi. I use mine for morning Pilates and just general stretching. It’s lightweight, pretty, and cleans easily.

A membership to LindyWell. This pilates program is the one I enjoy every morning. I use the app on my phone and each morning I get a new workout (10 to 30 minutes). It’s perfect for at home or when I’m traveling. I really can’t recommend it enough if you are looking for a low-impact daily workout that can be done from anywhere.

Even if I just head out for a quick overnight, I ALWAYS pack my travel diffuser and a few oils. Diffusing lavender or thieves in my room makes such a difference in how well I rest. I get rid of that stuffy smell and feel and it’s just such a simple way to improve my stay. As a bonus, these small diffusers are super affordable. A lovely gift would be one of these along with a bottle of essential oils.

Speaking of heading out overnight, the Vera Bradley Grand Weekender is the bag I always use. It’s perfect for a quick weekend getaway and also fits under the seat of an airplane. It’s expensive but they last for years and I love all the pockets! You can select from tons of patterns – I like the darker ones as they look cleaner for longer.

kayaks on a lake in Michigan

For the Guys Who Love to Travel

A strong phone case. This one is tough enough to handle being on the go! We actually all use this case in our family and it’s been a good choice!

A kayak is a great gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you find places to use it all summer long, but we’ve even taken our kayaks out in the early spring and fall! And, if you get an inflatable one, they travel well too!

A great toiletry bag. Why not help keep your guy organized for the next trip he takes. I love this one from Amazon and it has excellent ratings too!

The Yeti travel mug is perfect for keeping coffee hot in the morning and water cold in the afternoon. There are tons of colors to choose from so I’m sure you can find the perfect one for your guy!

Kid holding up a map with a backpack on in front of the Magic Kingdom entrance.

For the Kids Who Love to Travel

I absolutely love the Daring Book for Girls and the Dangerous Book for Boys as gifts for kids. My kiddos would always pack these for a road trip as they are chock full of interesting ideas, songs (that we’d learn and sing as driving), and simple projects. Once thanks to the book, we made peach pit rings on the sidewalk outside our Florida condo.

The books are creative and fun, and the kids get a real kick out of reading them. There are new ones out this year and even though my kids are a bit older now, I will pick them up as a fun extra gift! I’m pretty sure they will still enjoy reading them.

Things to do in the car or on a plane. I always make my kids pack a backpack of things to keep them busy. These days it often contains an electronic device as well as a book or two, but if you are looking for other ideas, consider this pack of printable car games from my Etsy shop!

cornhole game on a lawn

Family Gifts for Families Who Love to Travel

Games are my favorite holiday gifts for the family. Every year we add to our collection and these are excellent choices to pack for your next trip (or just play at home by the fire!).

Travel books – I LOVE these for inspiration! My favorites highlight a specific state or region – I’ve shown a few below, but simply do a search on Amazon for your state and “day trips” or “weekend getaways”.

How about something to start the family saving for their next trip? This travel bank would be a fun family gift – I love that it’s clear so you can see how the savings are coming along!

I’ve got quite a few of these on order already for my gift-giving, but since it’s early in the season, I’ll add to the list as I find more options. What are you planning on buying for others this season?

Are you looking for some more gift ideas? Check out last year’s gift guide for a few different but still amazing gifts!

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