The BEST Green Smoothie Recipe

If you haven’t gotten on the green smoothie wagon yet, what are you waiting for?


Drinking green smoothies is a fabulous way to get your daily servings of veggies (especially those leafy greens)!  In fact, whenever I travel I make a point to bring along my blender and green smoothie ingredients to help counteract the difficulty of eating enough veggies on the road.

I know if I start my day with my greens, I’ll be covered no matter what the rest of the day brings – and it gives me a wonderful burst of energy to boot!

There are so many recipes out there – hundreds of them, and I’ve tried many!  With a bit of tweaking – taking a little bit from here and there, I’ve come up with what I think is the best one out there, and now I’m going to share it with YOU:

The Best Green Smoothie

cucumber (about 2 inches or half of a small one)

2 pieces of celery (about 2 to 3 inches each)

small piece of ginger (to taste)

big handful kale

big handful spinach

1 lime

frozen peaches or mangos


drop of Citrus Fresh or Lemon Essential Oil (optional)

Step one:  Add the cucumber, celery, ginger, kale and spinach to blender.  Squeeze lime juice from lime into blender.

gevalia 005

Step two:  Add frozen fruit (I typically add about 3/4 to 1 cup).  Pour enough water in to help your blender do its job – probably about a cup.  Add a drop or two of essential oil if using (I think both the Citrus Fresh and the Lemon add a nice bit of brightness, plus you get the extra Limone – if you don’t use Young Living, do your research to ensure the oil you use is safe for consumption – many of them are not!).

Green Smoothie

Step three:  Blend until smooth and ENJOY!

If you haven’t gotten on the green smoothie wagon yet, what are you waiting for?