The 10 BEST Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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You’ll find it here, in the BEST holiday gift guide!

It’s that time of the year! Gift-giving! Every year, I love putting together these gift guides – it helps me with my shopping list too! This year I’ve found a variety of fun and useful ideas for everyone on your list! Start shopping now and be ready for the holiday season early – I promise, you’ll thank me later!!!

The BEST Outdoor Fun Gifts

These are the best holiday gifts perfect for your outdoor adventurers – of any age!

1. Snowshoes

We love our snowshoes – and because they come with a travel case, we often throw them in the car when we are heading on a ski vacation or other winter getaway. We’ve also been known to use them to trek through the backyard to our neighbors for a drink – very useful!

2. Snowball Maker

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I thought this was a waste of money when we first saw this snowball maker in the store. But, we were on vacation and I caved. I have to admit – I was wrong. Both kids LOVE these and we actually have purchased a second snowball maker so they can both use them at the same time.

For a pretty inexpensive gift, we’ve gotten a ton of use out of them. They also always make the list of items to bring on our annual ski trip as we know there will be plenty of snow!

3. Water Shoes

If you don’t have water shoes, get some! They would make an ideal holiday gift for any of your adventure lovers. We used ours SO MUCH last summer. They are perfect for a day on the lake, hiking in creeks, kayaking, tubing and so much more.

A fun idea would be to gift everyone in the family a pair along with a gift certificate to rent a boat for an afternoon or the promise of an afternoon of tubing or hiking. Or maybe pair them up with a gift certificate to rent kayaks. What a terrific family gift!

The BEST Travel-Related Gift Ideas

Looking forward to your next vacation? Me too – always! These are the best holiday gifts for those family members who love to travel!

4. An Atlas

Does your family have an Atlas? With today’s reliance on cell phones and Google Maps, many kids don’t understand how to read a map, nor do they get the joy of plotting out a road trip the old-fashioned way. Let’s solve that!

Gift your kids an Atlas, teach them how to use it, and then plan a fun road trip (or even a day trip) together. You could even go to YOUR state and complete my Circle Your Hometown process before you give it to them and plan out a few fun day trips to enjoy over the next few months. Tuck in a gas card or a Visa card to use for souvenirs or treats for the road.

Travel themed face masks

5. Fun Masks

I definitely never thought this time last year that I’d be including masks in my gift guide, but times have changed … and even now, a few years from COVID, I still like to keep one in my travel backpack, just in case I’m on a crowded plane, or start to feel sick myself.

If you have a travel-loving friend, why not gift them with a fun travel-related mask? What a perfect stocking stuffer too – select one that has meaning for the recipient and it’ll be even more loved. Just do a quick search for face masks and you’ll find adorable ones!

a travel coffee mug is the perfect holiday gift.

6. Travel Mug

hat better gift for a travel/coffee-loving friend than a special travel Etsy in the LivisLove Boutique! If you want to make this gift special, add a bag of beans from your local coffee shop. I know that’s a gift that’s ALWAYS appreciated in my family.

Fun Ideas for Everyone!

These next few are the best holiday gifts for anyone on your list!

Street scene in Indiana

7. Scavenger Hunts

Do your kids love scavenger hunts? I know mine do, so a Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt is definitely on my shopping list this year! In addition to fun scavenger hunts outside the house, they also offer in-home scavenger hunts so if you are looking for something fun to do without leaving your house, Let’s Roam is perfect!!!

If kids aren’t on your shopping list, don’t worry, there are perfect Let’s Roam scavenger hunts for date night or even a tipsy bar hunt. Or you could go with a more traditional outing like an amazing food tour like this one! Fun, right?

8. A fun book!

The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples would be a sweet little stocking stuffer for your significant other. Or, how about a gift for a newlywed couple? Or an anniversary gift? I can think of all kinds of fun occasions for this one!

🥂 Looking for more fun date ideas? Check out my favorite date nights in Hamilton County – and then tailor them to your location!

Kindness cards - the perfect stocking stuffer

9. Kindness Cards

Who doesn’t love ideas for sharing kindness? Not only does the receiver feel good, but the giver does too! Every once in a while when I’ve been in line at Starbucks, the car ahead paid for my coffee. I know it made me feel special and want to do the same for the car behind me! So, when I heard about these Kindness Cards, I knew they would be the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone I know.

The cards cover four categories of kindness: empathy, compassion, responsibility, and courage. Each card has an idea for something to do to share or learn more about kindness. The kit also includes a variety of ideas for ways to use them – which I loved! I plan on trying out some of them with the kids in 2021!

Paint by Numbers is a great holiday gift!

10. Paint by Numbers

Are you looking for a fun gift for your art lover? Last year, my daughter begged me for a paint-by-numbers kit and I stumbled across this wonderful company, Winnie’s Picks. They do have a variety of very cool paintings to choose from, but you can ALSO send in a picture and they will make a painting from your picture. How cool is that? Included in the kit is everything you need to create your own masterpiece!

👉 Looking for more great gift ideas? Check out my guides from the last few years – they are full of gifts that would still be perfect! Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone In Your Life and The Best Gifts for Every Traveler On Your List

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list this holiday season? I've got something for EVERYONE - check it out and be the best gift giver ever! #giftguide #holidaygifts #giftgiving
Are you looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list this holiday season? I've got something for EVERYONE - check it out and be the best gift giver ever! #giftguide #holidaygifts #giftgiving