Big Bus Tours Chicago- the Only Way to See the City

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When visiting a big city, I’m sure you’ve seen those big double-decker buses – the ones with open seating on top, right?  Well, we had our first experience with one on our recent trip to Chicago.  We rode the Big Bus and it is the ONLY way to see a city.

Big Bus Tours

First of all, for kids, nothing is better than sitting up on top of a bus.  It’s just cool.  Luckily it’s also pretty cool for adults – the views can’t be beaten and you can get a bunch of amazing pictures in a short period of time – perfect for amateur photographers.

View from the top level of the Big Bus Tour in Chicago

The tour guides we encountered were all entertaining, funny, and full of interesting facts.  I love geeking out over the backstories of a city and the Big Bus tour guides delivered. 

We learned a little bit of history – did you know that at the time of the Chicago Fire, the population was only about 300,000 compared to the 3,000,000 that live in Chicago now? 

We also heard some fun stories about how Navy Pier came to be, and the prices of some of the high-rise apartments, and we got a peek at the building Jennifer Hudson lives in.  Plus, the views …

Chicago skyline
This is one of your views when riding on top of the Big Bus!

In addition to being fun and educational, a tour like this is a great way to get a feel for a city before you start hoofing it on your own.  After we had done the entire route I felt like I knew where everything we wanted to do the rest of the week was located and the best way to get there.  It made getting around the rest of the week much easier.

Have you ever done one of these bus tours?  What did you think?  Did you enjoy it as much as we did?  I know I’ll be searching these out in other big cities we visit – I’m sold!

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Thanks to Choose Chicago and Big Bus Tours for providing us with the tickets.  The opinions expressed are all my own.