The Ultimate Plainfield Brewery Guide: Where Hops Meet Happiness!

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Want to find the best Plainfield brewery? Are you ready to sip your way through some incredible Midwest brews? I am so stoked to take you on this fun journey to explore the craft beer scene at the breweries in Plainfield Indiana!

Whenever we are on the west side of town, we do our best to hit up one (or more) of these fantastic breweries in Plainfield Indiana. Because trust me, it’s not just about the beer; it’s about the entire vibe—family-friendly spots, pet-friendly patios, chill atmospheres, scrumptious eats, and of course, uniquely crafted brews.

Brew Link Brewery in Plainfield Indiana

1. Brew Link Brewpub

We first found Brew Link Brewpub during an e-learning day. We were looking for a fun place to sit outside and enjoy a drink while our son did his homework. It was a gorgeous day – the kind of Indiana day where you want to soak up every minute of sunshine. Since we were in Plainfield, we decided to check out Brew Link Brewpub. It’s become a favorite ever since!

Is it family-friendly?

With all the outdoor seating, Brew Link Brewpub is quite family-friendly, especially in the summer months. We had our teenage son with us and he enjoyed an iced tea while we tried a few tasty beers.

In addition to plenty of seating, there were several outdoor games that would help keep younger kids entertained.

Is it pet-friendly?

Brew Link Brewpub is pet-friendly. There was actually a cute little pup at one of the tables near ours. He had his own water and was happily relaxing in the sun.

How’s the atmosphere?

The atmosphere of Brew Link Brewpub is casual and fun. I loved the picnic tables outside on the deck while the inside had plenty of additional seating.

Is there food?

Brew Link Brewpub has a full menu full of delicious brew pub fare – all made with quality ingredients and tons of flavors. Try some of the sandwiches and a few apps and you’ve got the perfect dinner.

Are there seasonal or limited edition brews?

There are some really fun beers at Brew Link Brewpub. They have a variety of “cereal” and “donut” beers such as the Hole in One (ale with jelly donuts) and the Double O (chocolate milk stout). These aren’t year-round beers, but there will always be a few unique ones in this vein.

Any special events or live music?

Like many Indianapolis area craft breweries, Brew Link Brewpub has weekly trivia on Tuesday (sometimes themed), live music on occasion, and plenty of TVs for football on Sunday.

Brew Link Brewpub, 4710 E. US Highway 40, Plainfield, IN

Nigh Brewpub in Plainfield Indiana

Nigh Restaurant and Brewery

Right off I-70 you’ll find Nigh Restaurant and Brewery. It’s actually the second brewery in this location, and they’ve really stepped up the brewery game. In addition to a strong beer list (with their own beers as well as a number from Brew Link), they offer bourbon, cocktails, and wine – so something for everyone.

The food runs the gamut from wings or charcuterie to specialty burgers and mac and cheese. Throw in a few salads, sandwiches, and paninis and you’ve truly got something for everyone.

Is it family-friendly?

Nigh feels more like an upscale brewpub than a local brewery, so it’s ideal for older kids who are used to going out for a nice dinner with their families.

Is it pet-friendly?

The outside Patio area is lovely but fairly small, so most of the dining is inside which isn’t conducive to pets.

How’s the atmosphere?

Nigh Brewpub has an upscale casual feel. It’s definitely a step above your average burger place, but not at all stuffy.

Is there food?

The food menu is full of comfort food with a twist. For example, instead of just mac and cheese, you can get mac & cheese with BBQ pork or Chili Mac.

Any specials or live music?

Nigh has trivia night on Mondays. They also have pint night each week and sometimes special events around holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day.

Nigh Restaurant and Brewery, 2067 E. Hadley Rd. Plainfield, IN

Breweries near Plainfield Indiana

Although Brew Link and Nigh are currently the only two actual Plainfield breweries, there are several more terrific options in nearby Speedway Indiana (20 – 25 minute drive).

Daredevil Brewing in Speedway Indiana

Daredevil Brewing

I love Daredevil Brewing. Their Speedway Taproom is a fantastic spot to stop and enjoy a pizza and beer when you are in the area. Their most popular beer “Lift Off IPA” can be found all over the state.

The taproom is located right on Main Street in Speedway, so if you are visiting for an Indy car or other event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it’s quite convenient. In addition to all their beers, they also have a nice guest list with a few ciders and guest taps.

Is it family-friendly?

Kids are allowed at Daredevil Brewing outside on the patio. Inside seating is 21+. Daredevil is definitely more brewery than a restaurant.

Is it pet-friendly?

There is a pet-friendly area, but most of Daredevil is pet-free.

How’s the atmosphere?

Daredevil has a relaxed atmosphere and feels very much like a typical Midwestern brewery where you grab some beers, maybe some food, and just hang out with friends. Nothing fancy, but very comfortable.

Is there food?

Thin-crust pizza is the main food option although there are a few other items including chips & dips, hot pretzels, and a few hot dog options.

Any special events or live music?

In addition to daily specials on drinks and/or food, Daredevil Brewing often has live music, special events (like Oktoberfest), and monthly Jeep or Cruise-In nights.

Daredevil Brewing, 1151 N. Main St. Speedway, IN

Big Woods Speedway sign

Big Woods Speedway

The final brewery near Plainfield Indiana is also located in Speedway on Main Street. Big Woods Speedway is part of the Hard Truth group, and they do a great job with restaurants. We have been to several Big Woods and have enjoyed them all.

In addition to their Quaff On! beer, you’ll also find Hard Truth Spirits so non-beer drinkers can enjoy a delicious cocktail (try the Lost in the Woods). Food is upscale bar food and plenty of delicious pizza options. The Speedway restaurant is LARGE, so there is ample seating – a lot of it around an oval bar (think of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which is right down the street).

Is it family-friendly?

Since Big Woods Speedway is as much a restaurant as a brewery, it is very family-friendly. So, bring the whole gang along to enjoy a delicious meal while you taste the Quaff On! beers!

Is it pet-friendly?

Because it’s a restaurant, it’s not a pet-friendly establishment. Pets are not allowed.

How’s the atmosphere?

Big Woods is casual and cozy, with lots of wood and plenty of seating. There is an outside deck that overlooks Main Street, so if the weather is nice, it’s a terrific option for dining. The bar is HUGE, and they have 50 beers on tap, so plenty to choose from.

Is there food?

The food at Big Woods Speedway is fantastic. They offer both their Brewpub menu AND their pizza menu (most Big Woods restaurants only have one or the other).

Any special events or live music?

Every Wednesday is trivia night – so bring your team and compete to win!

Big Woods Speedway, 1002 Main St. Speedway, IN

Beer from Brew Link Brewpub in Plainfield, IN

Tips for Visiting a Plainfield Brewery

Plan ahead

Some breweries close early or are open only on certain days. Make sure you check hours and availability. There is nothing worse than getting excited about trying a new brewery and then getting there and discovering they aren’t open for lunch, or on Monday, or whatever the situation. I’ve been there enough times that I’ve learned to call ahead – regardless of what Google or Yelp says!

Designate a driver

Safety first, make sure you have a sober way to get back. If you plan on visiting several breweries in Plainfield, then consider getting a hotel room and taking an Uber between breweries.

Grab a brewery passport

There is an Indy Craft Pass that you can pick up for free from Visit Indy, but right now only Big Woods is on it. It’s worth checking out before visiting though as the breweries often change, and sometimes have a discount or free item just for checking in.

Don’t skip the merch

You’ll want to remember that delish brew, and what better way than with a cool tee or branded pint glass? We have a large sticker collection – it’s the easiest and least expensive thing to purchase as a souvenir, and also a variety of tasting glasses. It’s fun to use them at home when tasting beers with friends.

Eat up

A full stomach will help you enjoy the beer and stave off its effects. Plus breweries often have fantastic food, so don’t skip it! Before I started drinking beer myself I would still enjoy going to a brewery because the food is usually so good!

Take a tour

If available, it’s usually worth it to see how the magic happens. Plus, sometimes they give you samples. Even if there isn’t a tour, step up to the bar and ask questions. The staff are usually beer aficionados and love talking about their craft. We’ve had some great conversations and found some fabulous new beers that way.

Come prepared

Bring along a growler or two and a cooler – there have been too many instances where we found a beer we loved and didn’t have a way to bring some home, so don’t be like us – come prepared!

Map of Plainfield Indiana Breweries

This map shows the two Plainfield breweries along with the two in nearby Speedway.

Places to Stay in Plainfield

There are quite a few great places to stay in Plainfield, but my favorite is the new Courtyard by Marriott. It’s brand new and within walking distance to the restaurants and shops at Perry Crossing. It’s only 2 miles to the airport and the rooms are comfortable and clean – plus they have Starbucks coffee in the morning at the restaurant!

Conclusion: Plainfield Indiana Craft Breweries

So, are you as excited as I am about discovering Plainfield’s brewery scene? I can practically taste those crisp, craft brews just thinking about it! This Midwestern town is a goldmine for beer lovers and fun-seekers alike. Whether you’re rolling in with the kiddos, bringing your fur baby, or just planning a chill day with friends, there’s something for everyone.

Even if you’re not a beer aficionado, don’t worry—the culinary offerings alone are worth the trip! You’re never far from a mouthwatering bite, whether it’s the brewpub fare at Brew Link or the elevated comfort food at Nigh.

Whether you’re a Plainfield local, live somewhere else in Hendricks County, or a visiting brew enthusiast, this town has got some hops happening. Cheers to good times, fabulous brews, and the perfect Indiana outing!


Want to find the best Plainfield brewery? Are you ready to sip your way through some incredible Midwest brews? I am so stoked to take you on this fun journey to explore the craft beer scene in Plainfield, Indiana!
Want to find the best Plainfield brewery? Are you ready to sip your way through some incredible Midwest brews? I am so stoked to take you on this fun journey to explore the craft beer scene in Plainfield, Indiana!