Things I love – Weekly Breakfast Date

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Have you ever started something for fun and it quickly became a long-standing tradition?  I love it when that happens!

Years ago, my daughter’s birthday fell on a school day.  To make it special, I had her invite her two friends (neighbors) to breakfast before school.  I bought donuts at the grocery and we stopped at our local coffee shop for hot chocolates.  It was fun and a special way to start the day.

Next birthday I had the same request.

After that visit, it dawned on me that we could be having a fun breakfast before school more often.  “Coffee Shop Day” was born.  Once a week I’d wake the kids up twenty minutes earlier and tell them it was coffee shop day.  It was always a fabulous way to start the day and a terrific break in a busy week.

After a few years of this, my daughter moved on to middle school and had a much earlier start time.  Coffee shop day with her had to end.  My son was still in elementary so we started branching out.  Now we rotate between three different restaurants (two of them are local!) once a week before school.

Early morning breakfasts have been a fun way to connect, spend quality time together, and slow down even in the midst of the school year.

What fun traditions have you created by accident?