Things to do in April

Things to do in April


Can you believe it’s April? How did that happen??? Even here in the Midwest, that means Spring is truly here. We finally have more warmer days than cold, so let’s make the most of it with fun things to do this month.

Go through this spring bucket list, pick one for each week, and your April is covered. You’ll enjoy the month, have fun activities to look forward to, and make awesome memories!

Fun outdoor things to do in April

Grab that first nice day to enjoy one of these outdoor activities …

1. Go for a hike

Either visit a trail you loved last year or find a new one! Spring is the ideal time to hike as it’s not too hot, and it’s exciting to see all of the plants beginning to bud. If you are lucky, you might even run across some lovely wildflowers!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of State Parks, so that would be a great place to start. Or, if you don’t have a ton of time on your hands, find a new rails-to-trails path and check it out. This post contains some excellent resources on finding new places to walk wherever you live.

Add hiking to your list of things to do in April

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2. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Visit the farmer’s market. Most farmer’s markets have started back up by April, so head over to your local one, chat with the vendors, and pick up something fresh and tasty.

This time of the year, we can usually get some delicious sprouts or lettuce. Perfect for al fresco salads! If you want to spice things up, find a Farmer’s Market in a nearby town and check out a different one.

Make a morning of it by enjoying fresh coffee at the market or a nearby coffee shop and then stopping for lunch somewhere new after.

Visit a local farmers market for something fun to do this April

3. How about a picnic?

April is the perfect month to start enjoying regular picnics. Once the weather is warm enough, we eat every meal we can on the screened-in porch – but even more fun is to pack a cooler and head to a local beach or park for a picnic.

I got REALLY good at packing picnics during COVID when we weren’t comfortable eating at restaurants, so check out these tips on how to pack the perfect picnic!

Fun April things to do indoors

If your weather is adhering to the old adage “April showers bring May flowers”, don’t worry, there are still plenty of fun spring things to do!

4. Help the birds find a new home

Make or buy a birdhouse. The birds are building nests like crazy, so why not help them out (and maybe keep them out of your gutters) by building or buying a birdhouse? You can pick up a kit at a hardware store, or pick out a fun version on Amazon! Add a feeder and fill it with birdseed and you’ll get to enjoy the chirping all summer long!

Get a fun birdhouse kit on Amazon this spring

5. Celebrate National Poetry Month

Enjoy poetry. April is National Poetry Month, so this is the month to visit your local bookstore and pick up a book on poetry. Or, try your hand at writing a verse or two. It could even be a fun family activity – everyone writes a short poem and then shares them.

If you live in a bigger city, get really crazy and find a poetry reading. I’ve never been to one myself but I bet it’s quite an experience – whether you enjoy poetry or not!

6. Indulge in Spring Foods

When I think of spring, I immediately think green! We first start seeing fresh asparagus and rhubarb throughout the Midwest in April, so I always pick up plenty of both as soon as I see them at the farmer’s market! Both are healthy and delicious.

I also love that they tend to come back year after year. So, perhaps you could consider planting a few plants? Yes, you will have to wait a few years for the asparagus, but then you can enjoy it for many springs to come, and there is nothing fresher than produce picked straight from your garden.

Asparagus is the perfect way to welcome Spring

I encourage you to start this month by planning a few of these fun activities. Let’s ENJOY this spring to the fullest!


Are you on the hunt for fun things to do in April? Don't have anything interesting planned? With this list of fun spring ideas, I've got you covered! Pick one for each week and have an amazing spring! #springbucketlist #thingstodo #aprilfun
Are you on the hunt for fun things to do in April? Don't have anything interesting planned? With this list of fun spring ideas, I've got you covered! Pick one for each week and have an amazing spring! #springbucketlist #thingstodo #aprilfun