Things to Do in Fort Wayne Indiana for Couples: Fun Date Ideas (2024)

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Are you heading to Fort Wayne for a weekend getaway? Living near Indianapolis, Fort Wayne is an easy hour-and-a-half drive for us, so it’s a place we visit regularly when we want to get away, but don’t have a lot of time. And, we’ve found that not only is it a great Midwestern city for families, but there are also plenty of things to do in Fort Wayne Indiana for couples – we even celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary there! As well as my parent’s 50th a few years ago.

A special thanks to Visit Fort Wayne for sponsoring a recent visit. All of the opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Part of what makes Fort Wayne so perfect as a romantic getaway is the wide breadth of romantic date ideas for couples – from art to live music to amazing food, Fort Wayne Indiana really does have it all. Even with all the visits we’ve made (and there have been dozens), I don’t think we’ve ever done exactly the same things, yet we’ve always had a fantastic time!

So ready to dive in and discover the fun you can have on your next getaway to Fort Wayne Indiana?

The Bradley is the perfect place to stay for your romantic getaway to Fort Wayne Indiana. This boutique hotel has it all – great service, a great location, and an amazing rooftop bar!

3 Chihuly glass bowls at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Art and Inspiration in Fort Wayne Indiana

Fort Wayne Indiana is a wonderful place for any art lover! Between public art, galleries, and museums, there is no shortage of gorgeous art to discover.

1. Explore the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Start your tour of art in Fort Wayne at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA). Located just a short stroll from the Landing, this small but mighty museum packs a punch when it comes to variety. On my visit, I enjoyed everything from modern paintings to an outdoor sculpture garden (my favorite) to an entire gallery dedicated to glass.

With a mix of collections owned by the museum to special exhibits and even traveling exhibits it’s one of those museums that change often enough that you can visit several times a year and see something new on each visit. There are even special events and tours perfect for taking your art appreciation to the next level so be sure to see what’s happening during your visit.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 311 E. Main Street

Jazz musician statues in Fort Wayne Indiana

2. Wander the Public Art Trails

Grab a coffee from a local café and set out on foot or bike to explore the public art in downtown Fort Wayne Indiana. From colorful murals that splash walls with everything from abstract designs to historical narratives, to intriguing sculptures, there’s always something that catches the eye.

As you wander the downtown streets, you’ll find that the art not only beautifies the city but also sparks conversation. Each piece has a backstory—perhaps inspired by Fort Wayne’s own history or the diverse cultures that shape this community. So, whether you’re an art aficionado or just looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, the public art trails of Fort Wayne offer a fresh perspective on the city.

🎨 Insider tip: download the FREE Fort Wayne Public Art Trail Pass on your phone. Check in as you find the art shared on the app and you can win fun prizes!

Embassy Theater in Fort Wayne Indiana

3. Catch a show at the Embassy Theater

I’ve enjoyed several shows through the years at the Embassy Theater and visiting it is always a treat. From Broadway musicals to kids’ programs, this gorgeous theater has it all. Check the box office to see what is showing while you are in town and if it sounds at all interesting, get tickets!

Not only will you enjoy quality entertainment, but you’ll also get to experience the beautifully restored theater. It’s not a super large theater, so most seats from the balconies to the orchestra are going to have a decent view. I love staying downtown when we are seeing something at the Embassy, so you can stroll back to your hotel and enjoy a drink in the hotel bar afterward to discuss the show.

Embassy Theater, 125 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Fun cocktails at Birdie's Rooftop Bar in The Bradley in Fort Wayne Indiana

Culinary Adventures for Couples in Fort Wayne Indiana

Although I do have a few favorite restaurants in the city, typically I like to try something new each time we visit, and luckily there are SO many delicious options for dining in Fort Wayne!

4. Drinks with a view at Birdie’s or Conner’s Rooftop.

One of my favorite culinary adventures in Fort Wayne is enjoying drinks at a rooftop bar! I’ve actually been to two of them, and both are fabulous for different reasons. Birdies is located at The Bradley, so it’s the ideal spot for a nightcap if you are staying at the hotel. The restaurant is quite large, so plenty of seating, and the outside deck is wonderful. I love the variety of seating, the views, and the festive lights. Plus, the drinks are fun!

Conner’s Rooftop is a terrific choice if there is a TinCaps baseball game at Parkview Stadium because the bar overlooks the field! When we visited we enjoyed innovative cocktails along with gourmet chips and dip while watching the end of a game. It was a lot of fun and a very unique way to experience a rooftop bar.

Birdie’s, 204 W Main Street (inside The Bradley)

Conner’s Rooftop, 223 W. Jefferson Blvd (inside the Hampton)

charcuterie from Marquee at the Landing

5. Enjoy a romantic dinner at The Landing

Of course, a romantic dinner should be on the agenda for your couples’ trip to Fort Wayne and although there are plenty of options downtown, I’d suggest giving one of the restaurants at The Landing a try. The Landing has been a fantastic addition to downtown with its numerous upscale restaurants, shops, and pedestrian-friendly vibe.

It’s fun to go all out with a delicious dinner at Marquee, Nawa, or even Bistro Nota around the corner and then stroll up and down the blocked-off street. For bonus romantic points choose an outside table under the lights and linger over coffee and dessert.

The Landing, Columbia & Harrison St.

Truffles at DeBrand Fine Chocolates

6. Indulge during the DeBrand Chocolate Tour

If you are a lover of fine chocolate, then do not miss the DeBrand Chocolate Tour in Fort Wayne. As one of the top chocolate makers in Indiana, DeBrand Chocolates is a decadent, affordable luxury for any visitor, and thanks the the behind-the-scenes factory tour you can learn all about how they are made.

Open tours are currently on Tuesday & Saturday mornings and Thursday afternoons (although check the website to ensure they haven’t changed), and cost $10, but you get $10 off a purchase of $20 or more, so I consider that free! You’ll get to see how the chocolates are made AND taste quite a few varieties – I’ve done the tour several times and consider it well worth the time!

DeBrand Fine Chocolates, 10105 Auburn Park Drive

Butterfly bench at the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

Outdoor Escapes for Two

Although Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana (second to the capital, Indianapolis), there are actually quite a few fun outdoorsy experiences to be enjoyed.

7. Go for a stroll at Promenade Park

Located on the edge of downtown Fort Wayne on the St. Mary’s River is Promenade Park. This new park is part of a multi-year plan to revitalize this section of downtown Fort Wayne, and the park is an excellent start! With an amphitheater, fountain, gardens, playground, and more, there is always something going on at the park.

If you prefer to be on the water, you can rent watercraft (or bring your own kayak or canoe). You’ll get a very different view of the city skyline and an afternoon of kayaking followed by a tasty drink at a nearby brewery is a perfect summer afternoon date! Or for the less adventurous, grab a coffee at a nearby cafe and stroll the Parkview Tree Canopy Trail.

Promenade Park, 202 W. Superior Street

8. Hit the ballpark with a TinCaps game

There is nothing like sitting outside on a gorgeous summer afternoon or evening and enjoying a baseball game. Am I right? If you are at all baseball aficionados and visit Fort Wayne when a game is scheduled, head over to Parkview Field and check it out.

The stadium is really nice and located right downtown with easy access to plenty of hotels, restaurants, and parking. It’s a lot easier and more casual to enjoy a TinCaps game versus a major league baseball game – you get a similar vibe for a tenth of the price!

Parkview Field, 1301 Ewing Street

Butterfly hitching a ride on me at the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne Indiana

9. Explore the beauty of the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

If you visit Fort Wayne in the winter – or even some of the drearier Indiana spring and fall weeks, then the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is a lovely respite. With three indoor gardens ranging from tropical to desert, it’s a fantastic way to get some much-needed nature.

On my visit the butterflies exhibit was open and boy were they friendly! They landed all over us and enjoyed “hitching a ride” around the area. The colors were gorgeous and it was fun to see so many beautiful butterflies flying all around!

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun Street

Barrels and Winery sign at Country Heritage Winery near Fort Wayne Indiana

Taste the Town: Local Sips & Scenes

I’m going to round out my list of the best romantic things to do in Fort Wayne Indiana for couples with a few of my go-to date ideas no matter where we are!

10. Spend an afternoon sipping & sampling at a local winery

It’s always fun to spend an afternoon sipping & sampling wines at a local winery and there are several near Fort Wayne that would make for a perfect romantic outing. One of my all-time favorite wineries is located in nearby HuntingtonTwo EE’s Winery. In addition to delicious wine you can enjoy by the glass or bottle, you can participate in their unique tasting pairings of wine & cheese or chocolate. I highly recommend it!

Two EE’s Winery, 6808 N US Highway 24 E, Huntington, IN

My other favorite winery for an afternoon visit is Country Heritage Winery & Vineyard. The winery is set on a lovely vineyard and many of their wines are estate grown – so you can see the grapes that will make their way into your wine. The winery often has live music and food. Take a tour of the winery and learn more about how the wine is made, then search for a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the wine and scenery.

Country Heritage Winery & Vineyard, 0185 Country Road 68, LaOtto, IN

rooftop bar at Birdies

11. Enjoy the local music scene

Listening to live music is always high on my list of fun things to do in ANY city, and Fort Wayne has a lively music scene. You’ll find live music somewhere every weekend in the summer – often outside. But even in the winter season some of the local hot spots have concerts or local bands performing.

A few favorites include the piano music at the Arbor in The Bradley. Grab a fancy cocktail, and tasty appetizers and relax while you enjoy the tunes. There are frequent outdoor concerts at Promenade Park, and if you like jazz, check out the Club Soda where local jazz musicians play.

12. Laugh your way through a comedy show

If a good laugh is what you are in the mood for, you are in luck in Fort Wayne Indiana. Most weeks from Wednesday through Sunday you can find either a comedian, open mic, or trivia at Summit City Comedy Club. With reasonable prices and a 2-item minimum, it’s an affordable way to enjoy a night out that varies from your standard dinner and a movie!

Summit City Comedy Club, 5535 St. Joe Road

Map of Fun Things to Do for Couples in Fort Wayne Indiana

How to Get Around Fort Wayne Indiana

Although much of downtown Fort Wayne is walkable, you’ll need a car to get to DeBrand or either of the wineries. Plus, there really isn’t an easy way to get downtown aside from driving there. However, once you arrive, you can park your car and walk or Uber to most of the places you’ll want to go.

Since Fort Wayne is close to Indy, if you are coming from out of town you might consider flying into Indy, spending a few days exploring there, and then driving up to Fort Wayne for another couple of days – it would be a really fun Midwest getaway!

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Bed at The Bradley in Fort Wayne Indiana

Where to Stay for a Romantic Getaway to Fort Wayne Indiana

My top recommendation for where to stay for a couples’ trip to Fort Wayne is The Bradley. This one-of-a-kind boutique hotel just screams romance. With gorgeous rooms, a lovely coffee shop/restaurant in the lobby, and a rooftop bar, it’s my favorite Fort Wayne hotel. Plus, it’s a short walk to The Landing, AND there is a Kilwin’s right next door. So, it definitely checks all the boxes.

If you can’t get in at The Bradley, my second choice would be the Hampton Inn & Suites downtown. We’ve stayed here before and although the rooms are nothing special, it’s clean, a great location, and it does have Conner’s Rooftop bar which overlooks the ball park, so that’s a fun way to spend an evening!


The Bradley
✔️ Great Location
✔️ Gorgeous Rooms
🚫 No Pool


Hampton Inn & Suites
✔️ Great Location
✔️ Affordable
🚫 Not Unique

FAQs: Romantic Things to Do in Fort Wayne Indiana for Couples

What is there to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana for adults?

Plenty! From great food to museums to sporting events you’ll find it all in this Midwest city.

Is Fort Wayne worth visiting?

Absolutely – you’ll have a wonderful getaway.

Is Fort Wayne a walkable city?

The downtown is very walkable – you’ll need a car to explore the rest of the city.

Unique things to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana for couples?

Explore the public art trail, check out the Firefighters Museum, or have brunch at Cindy’s Diner.

Fort Wayne Indiana downtown with courthouse view

Conclusion: Fort Wayne Indiana Things to Do for Couples

Fort Wayne has always been one of our go-to spots for a quick, yet utterly delightful escape. Just a short drive from Indianapolis, this city never fails to refresh our spirits and fill our weekends with joy—whether it’s a special anniversary celebration or just a spur-of-the-moment getaway.

From strolling through lush parks and cheering at a TinCaps game to savoring exquisite local flavors and laughing together at a comedy club, Fort Wayne lays out an eclectic mix of activities that can be tailored to any couple’s taste. And, let’s not forget the art—every visit gives us something new to admire, making each trip uniquely memorable.

If you’re wondering whether Fort Wayne is worth the drive, the answer is a resounding yes. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, you’ll find that this city keeps unfolding new layers, inviting you back time and again. So, why wait? Pack up, set off, and discover all the fun and romance Fort Wayne has in store for you. After all, every couple deserves a little getaway now and then, and Fort Wayne is an affordable and FUN place to rekindle that spark.


12+ Things to Do in Fort Wayne IN for couples along with picture of two fun cocktails in bird shaped glasses.