Things to do in Martinsville Indiana: Bees, Beer, and More!

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Martinsville, Indiana in Morgan County was the scene of our latest Explore Indiana adventure. Less than an hour south of Indianapolis, Martinsville makes for a wonderful day trip. There are so many interesting and unique things to do in Martinsville that you’ll easily enjoy a day of fun!

Located in the heart of Indiana, this quaint town may be overshadowed by the state’s bustling cities, but it offers an eclectic mix of attractions for travelers of all kinds. Whether you’re into nature, or history, or simply want to kick back and relax, Martinsville promises a memorable experience.

Hunter's Honey Farm

1. Hunter’s Honey Farm

Start your day off with something sweet! Honey! Take a short detour on the way to Martinsville to check out Hunter’s Honey Farm. When we arrived we were lucky enough to get to join the first tour of the day, but I’d highly recommend reserving a time slot ahead of time. The tour is WELL worth it and you’ll be disappointed if you miss it.

The tour was absolutely fascinating. I learned so much about honeybees and making honey. Our guide was knowledgeable and passionate about making honey. I won’t share all the secrets as you’ll want to discover them on your own, but I will share one interesting fact …

Did you know that to get “flavored” honey, honey farms will actually transport bees? For example, Hunter’s Honey Farm takes their bees to Florida to pollinate the orange groves and that’s how they create their Orange Blossom Honey. Can you imagine a truck full of bees? That fact still amazes me.

The tour we participated in allowed us to roll our own beeswax candle and fill a small honey jar. Great souvenirs to enjoy at home later! The store is full of all kinds of honey-based products. We purchased some of that delicious orange blossom honey, barbeque sauce, and more. Yum!

Location: 6501 W. Honey Lane, Martinsville, IN

💥 Insider tip: You’ll often find discount tickets on Groupon or Living Social, so definitely check that out first!

Hunter's Honey Farm in Martinsville

2. Shopping in downtown Martinsville

After lunch, we wandered downtown Martinsville, checking out a few cute little boutiques and doing some shopping. Some of my favorite stores in Martinsville Indiana include The Sterling Butterfly and Berries and Ivy Country Store.

The Sterling Butterfly has a beautiful eclectic selection of handmade jewelry, pottery, glass art, and more. Over 20 artists are displayed at the store, and the merchandise changes frequently. You’ll easily find something special when you shop at this boutique.

Berries and Ivy Country store is the ideal place to pick up a gift or something unique for your home. It’s especially lovely around the holiday season (which is a terrific time to visit Martinsville).

Candy Kitchen in Martinsville

3. Martinsville Candy Kitchen

We also spent a bit of time at the Martinsville Candy Kitchen. Known for its candy canes, this candy shop originated in Martinsville in 1919! Although it’s in a new location right on the square and has passed through a few owners, the attention to detail and quality is still apparent.

If you want to stock up on sweets, this is your place! I’d love to take the kids back at Christmas time to buy some of their homemade candy canes! They are well known throughout central Indiana, and if you plan your visit at the right time you can even watch them being made! As I love watching how things are made, this is definitely on my list of places to visit in the winter!

Location: 46 N. Main Street, Martinsville, IN

Art Sanctuary in Morgan County

4. Art Sanctuary

Another fun stop downtown is the Art Sanctuary. Dedicated to supporting local artists, the Art Sanctuary of Indiana stands as a testament to Martinsville’s rich arts and culture scene.

The space not only showcases exquisite art pieces but also offers workshops and community events, making it an interactive experience. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply curious, it’s a venue that promises to inspire.

Although there were no artists in residence when we walked through, we did enjoy the wide variety of artwork on display. I also noticed several upcoming events, so if you plan on being in the area, check to see if anything fun is going on when you visit!

Location: 190 N. Sycamore St. Martinsville, IN

Looking up through the trees in a forest.

5. Morgan Monroe State Forest

The perfect spot for nature lovers, offering hiking, fishing, and camping in a serene environment. The lush greenery of Morgan-Monroe State Forest is breathtaking.

Spanning thousands of acres, Morgan Monroe State Forest is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Here, towering trees meet 3 serene lakes, creating a picturesque backdrop for enjoying the great outdoors.

A unique activity at the Morgan-Monroe State Forest is panning for gold. You will need a permit, but you can pick that up at the Forest Office. The variety of hiking trails, from easy (and even one that is ADA-accessible) to rugged ensures wonderful hikes for every ability, and as seasons change, so does the forest’s canvas, making every visit unique.

Location: 6220 Forest Rd. Martinsville, Indiana

6. Centerbrook Drive In

When was the last time you visited a drive-in? If you are like me, it’s probably been way too long. And with as few of them still around, I’m not sure my kids have ever had the experience. Well, in Martinsville you can enjoy a double feature from the comfort of your car!

Centerbrook is exactly what you’d expect in a drive-in. In addition to the typical movie screen and concession stand, you can opt to sit on the grassy lawn. There is also a playground for the kids, and prices are reasonable.

So plan your visit on a Friday or Saturday and include a night at the drive-in!

Location: 6735 State Road 67 North; Martinsville, IN

Flight of cocktails at Cedar Creek Distillery

7. Indulge in an afternoon drink (or two!) at Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery & Distillery

Give yourself a few hours to explore Cedar Creek. With a distillery, brewery, and winery, you’ll definitely find a drink you love!

The atmosphere is relaxing, with plenty of places to enjoy nature and a drink! We started in the distillery where we were greeted by Whiskey, Cedar Creek’s resident cat. Beautiful and friendly, he was a fun introduction to Cedar Creek!

My favorite part of the distillery is that in addition to the typical liquor tastings, you could also select a cocktail tasting. Since I’m not a fan of straight liquor this was perfect! We selected 5 cocktails and took our tray out to the patio to enjoy. Delicious!

We headed over to the main building next which houses the brewery and winery. We checked out the beers but since we had to limit ourselves, decided to share a wine tasting instead. The winery has a lovely variety of reds, whites, and fruit wines. Several of them were yummy enough that we purchased a few bottles to take home and enjoy later.

Cedar Creek often has live music and food trucks, or you are welcome to bring a picnic. It would be easy to spend an entire afternoon or evening enjoying the atmosphere, drinks, and music! I have plans to do just this in the near future – an afternoon hanging out at Cedar Creek and then a night at the drive-in!

Location: 3820 Leonard Rd. Martinsville, IN

Whiskey the cat at Cedar Creek

8. Bradford Woods

A mix of natural beauty and recreational activities, Bradford Woods offers a plethora of outdoor experiences. It’s definitely more than just a typical park. A few of the highlights include a large lake, a swimming pool, a climbing tower, and even an archery range.

It would be quite easy to spend an entire day here enjoying the outdoors and fresh air. It is privately owned by IU (Indiana University in Bloomington), so it’s not a park where you’ll just head over without a reservation. Bradford Woods would, however, be an excellent choice for a family reunion, corporate retreat, or other large gathering.

From its serene lakes to its adventure courses, it’s a destination that beckons both relaxation and thrill. So, if you are looking for a great place for an event, consider Bradford Woods.

Location: 5040 State Road 67 W, Martinsville, IN

Image of a fish hatchery

9. Cikana State Fish Hatchery

Did you know Martinsville was once known as the goldfish capital of the world? Me either! Originally the Cikana State Fish Hatchery was owned by Grassyforks Fisheries Inc. which was a major producer of goldfish. Today, it is owned by the state, and with its numerous ponds and rich aquatic ecosystem, you can learn about Indiana’s fish species, their habitats, and conservation efforts.

The hatchery office is open Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) from 8-4, but you can walk the trails and check out the ponds any day between dawn and dusk. Do check out their website as there are frequent talks and programs with the biologists and hatchery experts.

Years ago we visited another hatchery in Branson, Missouri and it was fascinating! I’d highly recommend a hatchery visit for your kids. They will learn quite a bit in a unique and fun environment.

Location: 2650 SR 44, Martinsville, IN

Downtown Martinsville street

Martinsville Indiana Restaurants

After all those fun activities, I know you are hungry! Here are my favorite restaurants in Martinsville Indiana.

10. The Local Grind

You know I had to include a coffee shop on this list as that is always the first place we look for when visiting a new town – a local coffee shop! The Local Grind is perfect! With a fun, funky atmosphere, and terrific location just down the street from the courthouse, it’s everything I love in a local spot.

They open early, so plan to start your day with a strong expresso drink and you’ll be fully fueled for a day of fun in Martinsville, Indiana. Or, if you need an afternoon break, or just want to relax and chat, or even get a little work done, The Local Grind has you covered.

Location: 190 E. Morgan Steet, Martinsville, IN

12. Indy’s Family Restaurant

If you love breakfast all day, and old-school diners, then you’ll get a huge kick out of Indy’s Family Restaurant. It’s home-cooking, comfort food for sure.

I drive by it ALL the time on my way to Bloomington (kid in college there), so of course eventually I had to stop and check it out. There are tons of choices for any meal, but of course, breakfast is what I went with as I love breakfast food.

It’s not fancy, but the food is good, the atmosphere friendly and the prices reasonable. Next time you are in Martinsville (or driving by) give it a try!

Location: 2210 Burton Ln. Martinsville, IN

Lunch at 21 North in Martinsville

11. 21 North Eatery & Cellar – 2024 UPDATE – CLOSED!

Luckily there are plenty of other great places to eat, so I’ll be sure to update this when I find a new one to suggest!

On our last visit, after spending several hours at the honey farm, we headed to downtown Martinsville to find lunch. Downtown has a nice variety of restaurants to choose from, but we ended up at 21 North Eatery & Celler.

The interior was cozy yet upscale. Lots of exposed bricks, unique lighting, and a gorgeous bar. The lunch menu consisted of a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, and salads. We chose to go with the pick-two lunch specials. One was truffle fries (with three dipping sauces) and grilled cheese and the other was tomato bisque with a chicken salad sandwich.

Both meals were delicious, but dipping the grilled cheese in the tomato soup was the highlight. Comfort food at its best!

Location: 21 N Jefferson St. Martinsville, IN

13. Zydeco’s – Moorseville

Just a stone’s throw from Martinsville, Zydeco’s in Mooresville offers a vibrant culinary experience inspired by New Orleans. Dive into flavorful dishes, lively music, and an ambiance that’s truly Cajun.

Zydeco’s has been around for years, and is a staple in the area for Cajun – I know friends who will make the 45-minute drive from Hamilton County just to dine there! Zydeco has even been on the Food Networks Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

Zydeco’s is closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and is only open for dinner Wed – Saturday.

Location: 11 East Main Street, Mooresville, Indiana

14. Ralph and Avas Kitchen and Bar – Mooresville

Blending the charm of a classic diner with modern culinary flair, Ralph and Avas Kitchen and Bar is a gastronomic delight. Their eclectic menu, paired with a cozy and funky setting, guarantees a memorable meal.

They have a nice variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and entrees, all from a made-from-scratch kitchen. And, if you love the place, you can even order a round of beer for the kitchen crew off the menu!

Note that they are closed on Sundays, and open the rest of the week for lunch and dinner.

Location: 6 W Main St. Moorseville, Indiana

Things to do near Martinsville Indiana

Just a few miles down the road are several other great attractions to add to your visit to Martinsville, Indiana.

Picking apples at an apple orchard in Indiana

15. Anderson Orchard

Venture a bit outside Martinsville and you’ll find Anderson Orchard, a sprawling expanse of fruit-laden trees. Whether you’re picking fresh apples in the fall or indulging in homemade cider, the orchard offers a sweet retreat.

We go apple picking as a family every year, and for many years, Anderson Orchard was the one we visited. I have so many memories of picking apples with my grandparents (and Grandad stuffing the bag as full as he could!), and they are all from Anderson Orchard.

Today, in addition to picking apples, at Anderson Orchard you can pick raspberries, plums, pumpkins, and more. They have an apple barn with tons of delicious options along with a concession stand full of goodies. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy a fun family outing.

Location: 369 Greencastle Rd. Mooresville, IN

Lavender growing in a field

16. Willowfield Lavender Farm

Close to Martinsville, the Willowfield Lavender Farm is a sensory delight. Wander through fields of blooming lavender, enjoy the calming aroma, and perhaps pick up some handcrafted lavender products as souvenirs.

As the only working lavender farm near Indianapolis, if you love lavender it’s a super interesting place to visit. If there is enough lavender available, you can pick some for a fee, but even if you can’t pick your own, you can browse the grounds, check out the gift shop (full of lavender products), and purchase plants (while they are in stock).

Note that they are open in season from Thursday through Saturday.

Location: 6176 E. Smokey View Rd. Mooresville, IN

Map of things to do in Martinsville Indiana

Ready to plan out your day of fun things to do in Martinsville Indiana and Morgan County?

Where to stay in the city of Martinsville Indiana

If you are planning an overnight in Martinsville (and there are so many fun things to do in this area so I think you should), here are my top picks.

My Top Picks: places to stay in Martinsville Indiana


hotel logo

Brickhouse Loft
✔️ Boutique Hotel
✔️ Terrific Location


hotel logo

Holiday Inn Express
✔️ Free Breakfast
✔️ Pet Friendly
🚫 Often full

Getting around Martinsville

Navigating Martinsville is a breeze, although you will need a car. If you aren’t driving, consider renting a car. The downtown is walkable, and if you stay at the Brickhouse Loft you will be able to walk to coffee, restaurants, and shopping, but many of the other attractions are just too far for walking.

Cedar Creek Winery

FAQs: Fun things to do in Martinsville Indiana

Does Martinsville have a pool?

Yes, Martinsville has a city pool that is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

What is Martinsville Indiana known for?

Martinsville is the county seat of Morgan County and was once known as the Goldfish Capital of the world!

Is Martinsville Golf Club a good place to go?

If you want to play a round of golf in Martinsville, this is a terrific choice.

Conclusion: Martinsville Indiana things to do

Each of these destinations captures a unique facet of Martinsville, creating a tapestry of fun experiences that cater to diverse interests. Whether it’s history, nature, or you want your taste buds to be singing, there’s always something waiting to be discovered.

Every time I’ve visited Martinsville, alone or with my family, I’ve had such an enjoyable time that I know I’ll be heading back – and since it’s such a quick drive from Indy that’s pretty easy to do!


In the mood for a fun and unique day trip from Indianapolis? Visit Martinsville in Morgan County! With plenty of fun things to do, you'll have a wonderful but quick getaway from the ordinary! #daytrips #exploreindiana #getoutandexplore
In the mood for a fun and unique day trip from Indianapolis? Visit Martinsville in Morgan County! With plenty of fun things to do, you'll have a wonderful but quick getaway from the ordinary! #daytrips #exploreindiana #getoutandexplore