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What did we find to do locally? As I mentioned last week, without any big trips planned, we had to be creative with our fun.  That’s why we decided to Think Local.  It turned out to be a fantastic idea!  I tried a couple new things in my area and re-visited some old favorites.  If we had been on vacation somewhere, I would have been thrilled with the fun we had.

Our first local event was Shakespeare in the Park.  As everyone knows, I love live shows and this is an annual event in Noblesville, IN. It wasn’t new to me, but it was still fun. I grabbed my daughter and one of her friends, we packed a bag of drinks, picked up breadsticks at a nearby restaurant, and enjoyed a perfect evening watching The Tempest.  It’s an annual event – a different show each year but always the last weekend in July and the first weekend in August.

The Tempest

Next, we tried Frisbee Golf which was new to me.  There is a fun, very well maintained course just over a mile from our house.  This time, my daughter met a friend there and my son and I played together.  We had purchased some frisbees at Play it Again Sports for just $4 and the course was free, so it was a super affordable outing.  In fact, I kept the frisbees in the back of the van as this would be a great activity to do while on the road. If you don’t have a Play it Again Sports near you, check out your local Goodwill or this affordable, 5-star rated set on Amazon. 

After working up an appetite, we headed to downtown Noblesville to enjoy an afternoon of delicious ice cream at Alexanders and shopping on the square.  Noblesville has a darling downtown with numerous cute shops and restaurants.  It’s easy to spend an afternoon ducking in and out of the stores.  As a bonus, they are all locally run, so the money spent goes right back into the community!

The day was capped off enjoying drinks and appetizers in nearby Carmel with friends at the new Sun King – what a super cool atmosphere!  I can easily see this becoming a place we meet up with friends often.

See how much fun can be had locally? Even when you don’t have a trip planned, there are usually plenty of ways to find adventure right where you are!  Did you take my challenge? What did you do? I’d LOVE to hear about it, so please share in the comments how you found adventure locally.

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Create a fun day at home by thinking local. There are plenty of things to do for your family if you just look. Find a new restaurant, try a new sport, or just enjoy shopping a small town. #shoplocal #ouradventureiseverywhere #smalltowns

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  1. My husband just went to the Italian water circus locally. It only cost $35 for 2 adults and 2 kids and he sad it was like Cirque de Soleil. We also like going to street fairs for some food and cheap fun.

  2. I used to live in Noblesville. Worked in Carmel for a few years. Now that I’m in Kentucky I’m still learning and blogging as I go about what Ky has to offer.

  3. We love in Rochester and love the national Museum of Play! We also go to the Lake Ontario Beaches for a beach getaway 30 minutes from home!

  4. I live in the Pacific NW, so there are many waterfalls, cool hiking trails, forts, etc. within a short distance from me. We are trying to make a point to go explore more things in our area. Last weekend we went to Astoria, Oregon and Fort Stevens.

  5. Vacationing in your hometown is fun! What did you think of Frisbee Golf? We tend to take our stuff on the road with us and play whenever there is a course nearby. We have some good friends that live in Noblesville and love it there.

    1. I had so much fun with it – we were terrible, but had a good time nonetheless. The frisbees don’t take up much room, so we left them in the car to try other courses when we are out and about. Noblesville is a great town – we are lucky to live here. Close to Indy but lots to do right here too.

  6. I love this. We have a shakespeare in the park here too. Sometimes we don’t know what we have right where we live until we look around. I love taking staycations !

    1. Love a good Shakespeare in the Park – I used to go with my Grandparents to the one in Indianapolis and I still remember how fun it was.

    1. Frisbee golf was quite fun – I’m looking forward to trying it again soon. Sun King was amazing – we will be back there soon.

  7. Sometimes staycations and local outings turn out to be the best! There’s plenty to do near where I live that I need to check out. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I know. It was as amazing as it looks. Even better, each time you go, they create a new platter with whatever is best that day, so it’s always a little different.

  8. How coincidental! I just completed a guest blog post about my hometown, but it’s not live until Aug. 5. Your town looks like it had some fun things to do! I’d love to see some Shakespeare in the Park!

    1. Funny! There are so many other fun things to do in my little town too – being a suburb of a bigger city helps, but there is still a lot.

  9. Shakespeare in the park would be so fun!
    We love finding things to do locally. With kids, it’s always so much easier and less expensive. We love hiking and finding new trails around our area a lot!

  10. WE have a great art museum and a great science museum. When it isn’t 1000 degrees here, there are all sorts of outdoor music and other festivals!

  11. Each June my family tries to visit local businesses during a week called Made in America – Factory Tours week. It’s fun to explore places you live around but never get to see. Sometimes the best places are right under your nose.

  12. I LOVE this! Whenever people say they wish they could travel, I always ask how much they travel their own city and state. Most of the time they don’t even think to be a tourist in their own town. That’s the best and easiest place to start when you need a little adventure!

  13. I feel kind of spoiled – our local area is replete with opportunity. From theme parks and water parks to fabulous places to dine or shop, we are not at a loss for finding things to do around here. However, I admit that we have only been here a short time and have lived in smaller towns where we had to search to find a place to explore. It’s fun to do and I look forward to branching out a little farther past our back yard to find more exciting adventures that await. Cute post!!!

  14. I live in Las Vegas so I feel like that’s cheating. lol. But I do try to make an effort to go to the local festivals and events. My husband and I recently went to an I Dian food festival, which was delicious.

  15. We have a lot of fabulous things to see and do in Chicago, but since we are in the burbs, we don’t go to the city all the time. But I love the idea of being a tourist in our own city!

    1. Tina, you are right, there are tons of things to do in the Chicago suburbs – we’ve taken trips just to them before as a quick overnight – actually skipping the city!

  16. This past weekend we went back to the city we lived in when we got married. We only lived there for 2 years, and within that time we got married, had our first child, and graduated college. We decided to do some of the fun local stuff there that we had never done before! And it was such a hit! We had a great time and saw new places we couldn’t believe we had missed while living there! It’s such a good advice to find things to do locally! What a good read!

  17. Frisbee golf??? I’ve never heard of that. I will have to try that when we have a backyard BBQ. Sounds soo fun. I spent today getting my classroom set up for the year, but hope to get out and about this weekend. 🙂

  18. This post is so spot on for us! We recently had a newborn so we have been making a conscious effort to find some adventure closer to home. This has resulted in “foot golf”, underwater bowling, and visiting some local water falls. It was nice to enjoy some places right in our back yard.

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