Tips for dealing with Holiday Cocktail Parties

This is the time of year for parties, isn’t it?  And I have to admit, I love a good cocktail party or Happy Hour with friends.  However, if you attend too many of these, they can really mess up your healthy eating!  Here are a few tips for navigating those events . . .

1.  Start with water.  Yes, I do enjoy a yummy martini or margarita, but starting with water will automatically cut down on the number of drinks you enjoy.  In fact, make sure and have a glass of water after your first (and maybe final?) drink – you’ll stay hydrated and your willpower will also stay stronger – alcohol is notorious for encouraging unhealthy eating!

2.  Fruit and Veggies are King!  When you decide what to eat, load up your plate with as many fresh fruits and veggies as you can.  Then, fill no more than a quarter of it with something indulgent.  You’ll still get to enjoy a special holiday treat, but you’ll do your health a favor at the same time!

3.  Move away from the food.  Once you have had a plate of food, move far away from the buffet – it’s really easy to pick at the food if it’s right in front of you.

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