Tips for dealing with holiday dinners!

Last week I shared a few tips for staying healthy while enjoying all the holiday Happy Hours and cocktail parties.   Here a few more tips that should help get you through all those fun (but fattening) restaurant dinners this month!

Most of the time, we eat at home – I enjoy cooking, and I know we’ll eat a healthier, tastier meal if I make it myself.  However, come the holiday season it seems like we are running around more, visiting friends and family more and those events tend to lead to more restaurant meals.  Luckily, I’ve come up with a few strategies for eating healthier even when you aren’t eating at home:

1.  Don’t let yourself get too hungry.  In other words, don’t wait until you are starving to decide to get something to eat.  You will make bad choices and you’ll eat too much.  Enough said.

2.  Appetizer or dessert.  No need to have a three course meal.  If you really want an appetizer or dessert, fine, go for it – just don’t have both.  Better yet, split one or the other with your dining partners.  The first few bites are always the best part!

3.  How about skipping the entrée?  Often, I’ll just order the appetizer or a cup of soup and skip the entrée all together.  I usually end up with plenty of food, and if not you can always order more, right?

4.  Bulk up on veggies and fruit.  I admit, this is HARD to do when dining out, but try to order extra veggies and eat less meat and bread.  Maybe add a side of sautéed spinach or broccoli, or order a fruit cup instead of fries.  Then, eat ALL the veggies and/or fruit but only part of the rest of the meal.  Which leads us right to . . .

5.  Don’t eat it all.  Restaurant portions are crazy big – very few of us should be eating that much food.  So don’t.  Eat half your food and take the other half home.  Better yet, split with a friend.  You’ll eat a more reasonable portion and hopefully won’t feel overstuffed and bloated when the meal is over.

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