Tips for fitting in exercise over the holidays

Christmas is over, but New Year’s Eve is coming up – I bet you are as busy as I am!!!

So how in the world can you fit in exercise?  Especially when you are busy from sun up to sun down?  Here are my “go-to” tips to make sure I get a workout in even during the CRAZIEST times:

1.  Do it first.  Maybe it means getting up a half hour earlier, but by working out first thing in the day, you get it done.  Plus, that is such a WONDERFUL feeling – having the workout done, not having to think about it all day.  If you can commit to this at least three or four days a week, you’ll be in GREAT shape.

2.  Incorporate it into your day.  If you miss that morning workout, try to at least incorporate some type of fitness into your day.  Maybe it’s a “Walk and Talk” with a friend, or a few extra power laps around the mall.  How about taking a half hour to eat and using the rest of your lunch for a quick workout.  Think creatively, and do your best to fit in every bit of extra exercise you can – your body will thank you come January!

3.  Make it FUN!  It’s a lot easier to exercise if you enjoy it – and you are much more likely to be successful.  Love yoga?  Schedule a class or two each week during the holiday season – ditto for Zumba!  So find something that you enjoy doing and take the time to have some fun – not only will you get your workout in, you’ll improve your mood and relieve stress!

4.  Give yourself some grace. If you have a rough day, don’t beat yourself up.  Tomorrow is another chance to try again.  Just dust yourself off, figure out where you went wrong, and come up with a strategy to keep that from happening again!

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