Top Travel blogs to follow

Top Travel Bloggers to Follow

2020 Update!  Ready for some travel inspiration and interesting reading?

I spent some time over the holidays reviewing this list of my favorite travel bloggers and couldn’t bare to remove any of them as I think they are all still GREAT! So, instead I decided to update this list by adding two more new favorites. After you check these two out, be sure to scroll down the post and re-familiarize yourself with the others. You won’t be sorry if you start following all of them. Great travel tips and inspiration!

  1. A Dangerous Business. First of all, the name. I just love it. Amanda is a Midwestern blogger. She is located in Ohio so I find many of her local posts very helpful when planning our nearby travels. I really enjoy her monthly travel reviews – she can pack a lot of fun into a month so I find them super inspirational. Her posts are a wonderful mix of things to do, places to eat and how to just enjoy the location. If you like a bit of Midwestern travel mixed in with global travel, this is a great blog for you.
  2. Practical Wanderlust. These two just crack me up. Lia & Jeremy are a bit accident prone, but love to travel and explore. Needless to say, it seems like SOMETHING always happens. Through all their trials, the manage to find super interesting things to do, great food and drinks to enjoy and wonderful places to visit. I love their attitude, snappy writing and fun adventures. Go check them out!

When I’m not traveling or planning a trip or searching for a local adventure, I’m either dreaming of a vacation or reading a travel blog. I get so much inspiration as well as ideas for future trips for myself and my family and it’s fun to live vicariously through someone else’s travels. If you can relate, then you need to check out the following travel bloggers – these are my 2019 picks for the top 10 to follow  – if you aren’t following them now, you’ll want to check them out:

  1. It’s a Lovely Life  – The Reese family has made blogging their full-time job. They travel over 150 days a year with their three kids and go on all the adventures I’d like to go on someday! I love that their trips are so family oriented. It makes them very relatable to me. The blog also showcases a lot of videos which is very fun, AND if you are at all interested in blogging yourself, I got my start travel blogging with their Blogging Blastoff course and found it super useful.
  2. The Uncorked Librarian – I find this blog (and Christine) so entertaining yet FULL of useful info. She loves drinks and food just like I do, and her adventures sound very much like the ones we used to have pre-kids. Luckily, now that our kids are older we can drag them along again! She recently moved from Florida to Asheville, NC, so she shares lots of information about places we visit often, and let’s face it – I love a good drink, so add that in with great travel and I’m hooked! I’ve definitely got a trip to Asheville in the radar now thanks to all the amazing places she has shared.
  3. Jessie on a Journey – Jessie writes longer posts than many of the bloggers on here but they are full of so.much.information. She’s also a pro at solo female travel. If you want a true travel guide to a location, you can find it on her site. In addition, as a New Yorker, she knows that city like no one else. In fact, she even does New York City Photo tours – I’ll be signing up next time we visit the city! I’ve taken a few of her courses too and they are jam-packed with information, so if you are interested in travel blogging, check out her school.
  4. The Yums – this one isn’t really a travel blog, but if you like to eat while traveling (and who doesn’t?), then this site is a wealth of information on restaurants located all over the world. I’ve even contributed a few reviews myself such as The Willard in Franklin, Indiana and Cafe Sante in Boyne City, Michigan. If I’m headed to a new city, I like to do a quick search on the site to see if there is someplace new I’d like to try.
  5. Bucket List Journey – want some bucket list ideas? Then this is the blog to visit. In addition to beautiful photos, many of the posts go beyond the typical top ten items and cover twenty, thirty or more amazing things to do and places to see in a given location. There is truly something for everyone! Annette is also a pro at seeking out adventure – if it’s fun and interesting, she’s probably tried it!
  6. Local Adventurer – I love their vlogs, they are very fun to watch. I also feel like their trips are realistic and vacations I’d love to go on! Their philosophy is also so much like mine – that you can find adventure wherever you are. I preach that to my friends and family daily!!! Looking for inspiration for 2019 goals – check out their 19 in 2019!
  7. 52 Perfect Days – although this is the travel blog Alexa runs I am also a HUGE fan of her podcast Break Into Travel Writing. It’s one of a few I listen to whenever I’m in the car carting kids around. The travel blog is a wonderful mix of descriptions of perfect days in various locations, travel tips, and very complete travel guides. Alexa also often travels with her teenage son, and as my kids are in that age range, I love hearing about their family adventures.
  8. Y-Travel – Another fun family travel blog, I really enjoy vicariously living through their travels. This site also has some excellent tips for planning travel, saving money and destination tips. Right now they are in the middle of a 3-year trip traveling the US. How amazing, right?
  9. Adventure Mom – This is one of the first travel blogs I started consistently reading, and it’s still a favorite.  I love that Nedra is based in Cincinnati which is only an hour and a half from where we live and a city we visit often. Although she travels all over the place, I can always count on a number of Midwest posts for places I can easily get to – perfect for when we need a quick getaway. She’s also the mom to kids of similar ages to mine so I relate well to her adventures that include them!
  10. Caroline in the City – a pretty new blog to me, but I’ve been enjoying it immensely since I’ve started reading it. Her audience is a little (okay a lot) younger than me, but I can still relate – many of her trips I could envision myself taking in a few years when I have more free time and fewer responsibilities.

I picked these bloggers, not because they are the biggest out there (although some are pretty big) or because Google says they are the ones to watch, but because they consistently create posts that are fun to read, useful and I relate well with their personalities. If I’m looking for a guide to a city or information on a tourism site, I can always go to Google. I use travel blogs for inspiration, entertainment and learning about special things beyond the normal travel itinerary ideas.

Who are your favorite bloggers to follow? I’d love to add some new ones to my list, so please share in the comments.

*This post may contain affiliate links, but as always, opinions are 100% my own.*

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Looking for travel inspiration? Check out these amazing travel bloggers for tips, ideas for places to go and interesting reading. #travelblogs #travelbloggers #ouradventureiseverywhere