Traveling with essential oils

Essential Oils for Travel

I love my essential oils and use them regularly. Due to their small size, essential oils are very easy to pack so even when we travel I can have what I need at my fingertips. This has come in handy on multiple vacations!

Which ones do I swear by for traveling?

Lavender. I use lavender oil every day with my moisturizer to keep my skin looking great. It’s also wonderful to have on hand for bug bites, burns, and general itchiness.

Frankincense. Every evening I put a few drops of this oil in my night cream – soothing and also great for my skin.

Deep Relief roll-on. Love this oil for travel aches and pains. Since it’s a roll-on it’s easy to apply and keep on hand. After sitting in a car all day if my shoulder aches, a little Deep Relief can feel wonderful!

DiGize. This one has been a lifesaver on multiple occasions when I ate too much greasy food or am just feeling a little queasy. It’s the oil that sold me on Young Living.

Thieves and Cinnamon Bark. This combo always goes in my travel diffuser (yep, I bring that with me on every trip too). Not only can they help ward off sickness, but your hotel room will smell amazing! If I remember, I rub a little Thieves on the bottom of our feet before bed too – a little extra reinforcement never hurt anyone.

Eucalyptus. If someone starts getting stuffy, I’ll use this in the diffuser to help them sleep better at night.

R.C. – is also great for stuffiness. A little on the chest is comforting if someone starts feeling a little congested.

I often also pack other oils that I’m a fan of to use as perfume or just to enjoy, but those may change from time to time. Right now I’m really into Bergamot and have been enjoying running a few drops through my hair each morning.

The diffuser that I pack for travel is super affordable and works perfectly for a hotel room. I use this one I ordered from Amazon.

essential oils traveling case - this is perfect for packing oils for vacations

I have a very nifty travel case that I use for transporting oils when we drive on vacation, but even if we are flying, I pack them. For some of the ones I use less of (Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and R.C.), I transfer a small amount to tiny little jars – these jars are also great if you want to keep a small amount on you but don’t want to carry extra weight in your bag. I have a little jar of DiGize that works in even my smallest purse.

When we are out and about on a day trip, I always have a bottle of DiGize, a Deep Relief Roll-on, and some Lavender in the car or my purse.

Essential oils I always have on hand - I keep these three in my purse.

Do you use essential oils at all? Do you travel with them? Which ones do you take with you?

Links to Diffuser and Travel Bottles:


Traveling with Essential oils. Which essential oils do I always pack and use when I travel? In this post I share the ones I travel with and what I use them for. #essentialoils #packingtips #ouradventureiseverywhere
Which essential oils I always travel with and how I use them.  Make your vacation better by bringing along some useful essential oils. #essentialoils #packingtips #ouradventureiseverywhere