Try an Online Exercise Program

Looking for another way to exercise?  One that’s easily available and that you can do anywhere?  How about investigating an online exercise program?

There are so many choices for an online exercise program.   You can join a membership, look for free videos on YouTube or download an app for your phone.

Some of the benefits you may find valuable include:

  • flexibility – the workouts are available whenever and wherever you want to do them
  • variety – you’ll easily find a whole host of different workouts for free or a small fee
  • easy – if you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, an online program can be a great choice – many of them are laid out with daily workouts or exercise schedules
  • efficient – no driving to the gym, no fancy clothes needed – often no equipment necessary

Ready to give it a go? Here are a few of my favorite resources for online programs:

  • Robin Long – for Pilates, she is my favorite.  I belong to her Sisterhood program which allows me to log on via my phone and see a suggested workout daily – I was able to keep up with my routine even on vacation this summer since the app on my phone was so convenient.
  • Erin Stutland is another favorite of mine.  I have several of her videos and have joined her online challenges from time to time.  She does fun challenges and I know there will be one starting up next month – I’ll update this post then with the link.
  • Couch to 5K – there are several apps that you can download to your phone that outline an easy running or walking program.  I’ve successfully prepared for a 5K several times using these type of apps.
  • YouTube – just do a quick search for workout videos and dozens will appear
  • Push-up or sit-up challenges – there are apps for these on your phone – I’ve done them before and it’s an easy way to track your accountability
  • Instagram – my daughter loves workouts she finds on Instagram – I’ve even joined her in some of the “superhero” ones before

So you can see that there is no excuse not to find the perfect program for you – I encourage you to give one or more of these a try and see if something different like this motivates you!

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