Add Live Theatre to Your Life

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The lights flash, and everyone around us begins to quiet down.  All eyes are on the stage.  The orchestra fires up.  The show is about to begin.

How I love live theatre!

Unlike a movie, live theatre feels more like an “event”.  Something special.  It takes a lot of people and tons of talent to put on a live show.  We are lucky to live in a world where talented people can entertain us while doing something they love. 

Add live theatre to YOUR life

My 5 favorite tips for adding live theatre to your life.

1. Find a performance that interests you

If you live near any decent-sized city, college, or university, I guarantee there are many options available year-round.  Google “your city live theatre” and see what you find.  Take a look at the upcoming shows and give something a try – you never know if you’ll enjoy it until you go.

Even if you were to hate the show, it might make for a good story later.  Live in a small town?  How about adding an evening of theatre to your next vacation plans?  That will make for a fun vacation memory!

2. Create a plan

Decide how much you enjoy live theatre (after trying out a show or two) and put the necessary amount into your budget.  Sometimes buying tickets ahead of time can save you money. 

Or, it might be less expensive to purchase season tickets.  I like doing that because then I KNOW I’ll go – it gives me 5 or 6 guaranteed fun nights out for the year.

3. Ways to afford it

Can’t afford it?  There are options.  Volunteering is one great way to save money on live theatre.  Often you can offer to be an usher and you’ll get to see the show for free!  Also, be sure to check out Groupon.  Almost every month I see a show or two for a discount there.

4. Think of it as an investment

Maybe this could be a special 1×1 date with a child or your honey.  We make most of these shows a family affair.  We go to a nice dinner first (which doesn’t feel like a splurge since we paid for the tickets months ago!), head to the theatre, and then talk about the show on the way home.  It’s a fun and special night that creates amazing memories for all of us.

5. The perfect gift

What a great option for a family gift.  Instead of more toys or stuff you don’t need, how about requesting theatre tickets from the grandparents as a holiday gift?  There’s something about an experience versus things, right?

Just last weekend, we enjoyed a very fun night out with dinner at Chiba and then a show at Butler University.  If you live in the Indianapolis area or are visiting and love sushi, give Chiba a try.  Located on “restaurant row” in Westfield, IN, this is the second location for this restaurant (the first is in New Orleans).  With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, delicious, fresh sushi, and amazing drinks, it’s a perfect pre-show spot.  Many evenings live music is offered as well as lovely outdoor seating.  So even without a show to go to afterward, you could easily make a night of it!  228 Park Street, Westfield, IN 317-804-5367

Conclusion: Add Live Theatre to Your Life

Are you sold?  Ready to plan a night out for yourself and/or your family?  How are you going to do it?  Don’t just think about what a great idea this is, take action NOW and give yourself something to look forward to in the coming months.

Any other tips?  Do you love live theatre as much as I do?  I’d love to hear about your favorite shows in the comments, so please share!

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