Tuesday Challenge – Add Push-Ups to your Morning Routine!

A few weeks ago, I challenged you to do 30 crunches every morning.  How has that been going?  If you’ve fallen out of the habit, no worries, just start back up today – in fact, take a minute and do them now!

Another great, less than a minute exercise to start your day with is push-ups.

[tweetherder]This week’s challenge – do 15 push-ups every morning – right after your crunches![/tweetherder]


Push-ups are GREAT for your entire upper body.  They tone your shoulders, back AND arms.  They even work your abs!  And they are simple and quick.   Doing 15 of them will take you less than a minute.


Can’t do a regular plank push-up yet?  No big deal, start on your knees.  Just make sure and pull your abs in and keep your back through your head in a straight line.

If you start out with 15 modified push-ups a day, I bet in the next month you’ll be able to EASILY do 15 regular push-ups!

So please, take this challenge and do your push-ups everyday this week!

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