Well, thanks to our new balanced calendar I can officially say this is the last week of summer.  In fact, my kids go back to school Thursday – yes, August 1st.back_to_school

It’s been a very fun summer – lots of vacations, activities and just plan hanging out, and although the weather (and calendar) still officially says summer, we have to face facts and be ready for the school year.

[tweetherder]This week I challenge you to create a “Back to School” routine.[/tweetherder]


Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll benefit from coming up with a consistent routine to handle the upcoming fall season.  If you do have kids, it will make life so much easier for the whole family.


Start by thinking of the “pain points” in your day.  Is it mornings that are crazy?  If so, come up with a plan for them – it might include getting everything ready the night before, coming up with a simple breakfast for the morning, or even creating an entire new morning routine (check out my FREE e-course “Discover Your Perfect Start to the Day” for specifics).

Maybe your pain point is after school.  If that is the case, think about what you can do to make it easier.  For example, I’ve discovered that I tend to get very stressed out trying to finish my work and spend time with the kids to hear about their day.  So, unless I have a meeting I have to attend, I’ll take a “work break” from 3:30 – 4:30 and sit down with them, have a snack, talk, get them started on their homework, etc.  Then I’ll go back to work and typically even pick up an hour after their bedtime to make up for my break.  I don’t have the stress of trying to do two things at once and feel like I’m failing at both!

Is dinner your pain point?  Start creating a menu plan so you know exactly what you will have each night and not have to try to figure it out on the fly (or resort to restaurant meals so often).  If you need help, check out my Menu Planning e-course – for less than $10 you’ll learn how to plan a weekly menu in less than an hour – which will save you money and stress!

Getting the kids to bed on time your biggest problem?  Start creating a “bedtime routine” and stick to it – eventually you’ll all come to expect the process and it will make bedtime move so much more smoothly.

Regardless of your pain points, by taking a half an hour or so this week and brainstorming, you can come up with solutions that will work for your family, and create the perfect back to school routine.

I’d love to hear your ideas (and I know we could all benefit from them), so please, share in the comments!

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