Once again, we are focusing again on our relationships.   If you have stress in your daily interactions with your friends and families, you aren’t going to feel strong and healthy.  Or happy.  So it’s important to spend time creating strong bonds and enjoying the time you spend with others.  And let’s face it, it’s quite easy to get so caught up in our worries or daily life that we don’t appreciate or even notice the time we spend with our friends and families.  This week, I want us to break that habit!


[tweetherder]This week I challenge you to be intentional about spending time with your friends and family.[/tweetherder]

Lucky for you, this is another easy and enjoyable challenge!  Just take a look at the next few days and if you don’t have something fun planned with your family or friends, come up with something now.  It can be as simple as playing games and having popcorn with your kids or as extravagant as a day away somewhere exciting!  As you can see from the picture above, we tried making sushi the other day – it tasted delicious, but with a six and a nine-year old helping, it wasn’t the prettiest (or neatest) project!  All the same, it was a lot of fun and a funny family memory.

So come up with something fun, and while you are participating, slow down and pay attention to the people around you.  Listen to them, enjoy the moment.  Then later this week, come back and share what you did!

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