Tuesday Challenge – Do a Nightly Blitz!

Today’s challenge is another “I need to get my life in order” challenge!  Isn’t it true that when your life is organized and things run smoothly you feel better and just naturally have more energy for exercise and being happier?  I know it’s true for me.

So here is an easy little challenge that will quickly become a welcome habit for you if you take the time to implement it daily.Various April 2013 008

Every night, before you go to bed, do what I call a “15 minute blitz.”


Pretty simple stuff, but wow does it work!


As I mentioned above, keeping your life in order is good for your attitude and overall health!  Spending just a few minutes each night ensures that things don’t get too out of control, and you’ll also wake up the next morning feeling much more positive.  Something about walking into a messy kitchen to make my morning coffee just makes me feel overwhelmed . . .


Every night, just before bed, spend 5 minutes walking through the house, picking up things that don’t belong that are lying around and PUT THEM AWAY.  Notice I don’t say clean everything or spend hours – just five minutes.  You might not get it all done, but you WILL make an improvement (which will steamroll night after night).

Next go into the kitchen, put away any clean dishes and load your dishwasher – empty that sink and quickly wipe it down.  I know it feels like this will take forever, but I bet if you time yourself it will only take about five minutes.  If the dishwasher is full, run it.

Spend the last few minutes clearing off your kitchen counters – wipe them down if you want.

Don’t try to clean the whole house – that isn’t the point of this exercise.  It’s just a way to set yourself up for a better morning.

Bonus – get your kids to help you pick up the general house for five minutes and their rooms for ten!

So challenge yourself this week to spend 15 minutes before bed EVERY NIGHT doing these quick little chores – and see if it doesn’ improve your attitude to wake up to a clean sink, no dirty dishes and a bit more organized household!

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